How do we live better with hair loss and how to treat it?

It’s a phenomenon that affects everyone: hair loss. Immediately, this is equivalent to baldness in men, but women are also affected. According to Physician Philip Abemelek, an expert in dermatology, hair and nails, a person loses “between 30 to 50 hairs per day,” he explains in I did well In Europe 1. A number, according to this specialist, “can double during the changes of the season”

‘Took too long to accept’

But for others, this hair loss is caused by a disease. Maëlle Desard is a writer and author of the book with hair, has been suffering from hereditary hair loss since the age of 14. In Europe 1, she claims to have “lost a lot of her hair at puberty” and says that over the weeks, her hair has started to “refine”. Philip Abemelek explains this rare disease with an “abnormal sensitivity of the hair follicles to male hormones.”

In recent weeks, alopecia has once again become a topic in the news with the case of Will Smith at the Academy Awards, as the wife of American actor Jada, suffers from hair loss. For Maëlle Desard, this scene shows just how much this topic remains “a taboo amongst women. To take my personal case, I hid it for far too long,” she explains. “First, I slapped my hair to hide the holes, then I put bobby pins to make sure we couldn’t see my skull. Finally, I decided to wear a scarf, before choosing a wig,” she says, adding that it “took him a long time to deal with his hair loss.”

“There is always a cure”

But this disease, like all cases of hair loss except after pregnancy, can be treated according to a dermatologist. “In the case of androgenetic alopecia, there are treatments for both women and men,” he explains. “In women and men, minoxidil (a drug) is the basis. We can add that in women, when there is an obvious hormonal imbalance, hormonal therapy is helpful,” he adds.

hair supplement solution

Philip Albemic also recommends hair supplements, which are “very useful in his eyes, especially for patients who no longer have hair.” On the other hand, it is advised not to use all the remedies found in pharmacies, which, according to him, are considered “perlimpin powder”.

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