How about 5 modern haircuts that are suitable for everyone?

Can you imagine a new haircut to wreak havoc this summer? excellent idea ! To do this, let’s be honest, not all hairstyles suit you. Wouldn’t it be the same for clothes? If some of you change his cut like your shirt, we think it is better to take your precaution and adopt the hairstyle according to the man’s face shape. You agree, right? A brief overview of the 5 possibilities available to you.

What hairstyle according to the shape of a man’s face? 5 possibilities adapted to each of you!

Let’s review the different trendy men’s hairstyles of 2022 for your preference depending on whether your face is round, oval, triangle, round, square or diamond. In general, keep in mind that your stylist’s goal will be to mirror the visible appearance of your face. This is to balance everything. You ready ?

For round faces

What is the men's haircut for a round face 2022

First of all, a simple reminder for the most scattered people among us: a round face is round with round cheeks. In addition, it does not contain any particular lines or angles. This face is made for a haircut that allows you to recreate some angles.

Men's hairstyle for round face 2022

To give the face more structure, we recommend rather square hairstyles. Thus, a cut with volume at the top and short or narrow on the sides would be ideal for adding defined face angles. Likewise, why not add margin? So heading?

For oval faces

What is the men's haircut for an oval face in 2022

The oval face shape in men allows for a lot of experimentation. In fact, the symmetrical and generally proportional oval face shape actually allows any haircut without risks. However, we would like to warn you to allow you to accentuate this type of face in the best possible way. For this purpose, do not let the hair fall out on the forehead in order to create a little volume and angles on the upper part of the face.

Men's oval haircuts in 2022

In our humble opinion, short haircuts on the sides and back and a little longer on the top, the choppy style is a perfect choice for a men’s haircut to stand out this year. In addition, it is quite possible to style the hair from above to one side or the other. what do you think ?

for square faces

Square face hairstyle idea 2022

Just in case: A square or rectangular face features a square jaw. This is approximately the width of the neck. Also, with this type of face, the cheekbones line up with the jaw line. We advise you to avoid the effect of a slanted back, straight fringe and center parting. It was too much for our taste!

What is a man's hairstyle for a square face in 2022

Know that a short salt and pepper haircut will enhance your masculinity by accentuating your features. Depending on your desires, you can also keep a bit of length on the sides and a small size on top using a wick for example to reduce the very square effect. One password: Enjoy!

rectangular faces

Choosing a man cut for a rectangular face 2022

A rectangular face is a combination of a square face and an oval face. The only goal: to avoid elongating the face. For this, if you keep the length at the top, do not cut the hair too short on the sides to give an elongated effect to your face and not a military effect that is not always desirable. Summer tip for 2022: let the hair fall out on the side or on the forehead. This will add some length to your face. Success is guaranteed!

What hairstyle according to the shape of the diamond man’s face?

What is the diamond facial hair style for a 2022 man

For your lantern, the diamond face has cheekbones that are wider than the forehead. In addition, the lower part of your face and jaw line appear somewhat elongated with a square chin. For a diamond face, we suggest you try scanning your cheekbones to get an oval shape. Ban at all costs cuts that are too geometric, too straight and too smooth. Why not try a side fade with volume on top? Or, another possibility, a fuse in the side? Either way, your face will look smoother.

Shaggy cut for men with a diamond face

On the other hand, if you have curly or wavy hair, don’t straighten it. Instead, play on the shaggy effect that has been so popular in recent months. Now is the time to take charge of your beard. Do you need ideas for choosing your beard style according to your face?

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