Do you have hair that is too thick for a hat? Try masks

Well, hats are practical for bad hair days, to protect your eyes from the sun, and to look stylish like a tennis player, but when you have thick, curly or frizzy hair, it’s best to bet on a mask that has the same benefits, without the drawbacks.

Like every time spring and summer come to the end of the intense UV rays, the hats reappear. It can become a real fashion accessory when you choose it according to your tastes and clothes, and not for purely practical reasons. Especially fashionable at the moment, this type of head covering can pose a problem for some people. In addition to those who are convinced they don’t have a hat tip (spoiler: it’s just an impression, but I hope one day you’ll find a piece that will help you change your mind), there are people with especially thick hair.

Protective, the perfect alternative to a cap for curly or frizzy hair

It’s great to love your hair the way it is and wear it with pride, especially when you know how much frizz and flyaways can be unpopular, a source of ridicule and even discrimination (sentenced as “unprofessional” or “wild” in some professional circles who want to be too smooth, for example). Except that it is almost impossible to put a cover. Fortunately, there are masks, which are more practical when you have a mass of hair worth shining in all its glory if you so desire.

So, admittedly, it can give the impression that you’ve just escaped a tennis court in Roland-Garros. But it is precisely a dimension that we can enjoy! Either by dressing them in top-notch outfits with sportswear-inspired outfits, or by telescoping style records with a more elegant, business-attire or ultra-feminine look, for example.

Plain white 100% cotton visor – Beachfield – 7.15€.

Hermann straw protector

Paper straw protector – Hermann – €25.90.

Adidas White Brow

Super breathable recycled polyester white visor – adidas – €23.

Floral Pattern Mask With TRIPOLI Buckle

Mask with a floral pattern in 100% cotton – Hermann – 34.90 euros.

Straw braided sun visor and chiffon ribbon

Braided paper straws and sunscreen – Hallhuber – €30.

Galeries Lafayette sun visor

Braided raffia visor – Galeries Lafayette – 20 euros.

Galeries Lafayette sun visor

Raffia visor – Galeries Lafayette – 19.99 euros.

Karl Lagerfeld mask

Protective cap – Karl Lagerfeld – 39 euros.

buff mask

Mask with an abstract print – Buff – 24.99 euros.

coral visor

Straw visor – Ulla Popken – €12.99.

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