Cotentin Filtration: Invented a revolutionary hair-based sea cleaning filter.

Remember in 2020, during the oil spill in Mauritius, residents called hairdressers to restore hair in order to form a dam to filter out hydrocarbons. They then compressed tons of hair into huge nets to try and limit the damage…we don’t always know, but this natural and organic ingredient which is hair is a very resistant substance, with strong filtering power. At Cotentin, Sebastien Frack served for 22 years in the French Navy where he was assigned to repairs and the Pollution Control Service. His professional experience gave him the idea to invent a hair-based filter to try and reduce marine pollution in dry docks, which are used for fair boats. And it has just been awarded in the last Lépine competition. Show.

Hair as an improvement in one’s system

Sebastien Frac had already invented a filter for cleaning water in dry docks, but thanks to poetry, he was able to improve his project, in cooperation with the salon Le Contentinois located in Octavill, explains. A few years ago, a domestic filter was invented with funding from the Ministry of Defense. The idea arose when he was repairing ships. He realized that there was a real need to improve existing filtration systems, because they are used during repairsNo toxic products and polluting paints… the repairs are made in a basin, but this basin nevertheless is connected to the sea; Pollution seeps into it.

Image credit: Sebastian Frac

His first literal filter

A ship repairman first made his first filter in his garage by assembling pieces of sheet metal. After the Navy validates his prototype, he takes part in a mission that allows him to obtain it Funding from the Ministry of Defense to develop it. In 2012, the Cherbourg boiler plant produced filter tires, which are now manufactured by a bodybuilder (ALM Montebourg) of which he is a partner. In addition to the chassis, it manufactures polypropylene straw filter cartridges for light hydrocarbons. These filters have already been installed for several years in four docks at Naval Base Cherbourg, in addition to two more at Lorient. Cartridges are changed every month, at the same time with a fairing.

10 years later: a revelation?

The inventor put his project aside for 10 years, letting it run as it was originally. Then he recently decided to improve it by adding activated carbon, zeolite … and hair! Like we told you, hair is soft but very resistant and has resistance Optimum filtration power. He, for example, is able to hold underwater paints that are dangerous for shells and algae …

Polypropylene in the second chamber
Polypropylene in the second compartment. Image credit: Sebastian Frac

But it’s also a way to use waste smartly. The filter now has three chambers that allow filtering of different particles according to their sizes. From now on, he collects the hair of 370 clients every two weeks, an almost inexhaustible resource, which Sebastian managed to make the most of! More information: and

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