All about tannin smoothing

Whether you want to “just” set your hair a little crazy or even end up with very straight lengths, salon straightening is an interesting option, especially because it lasts for several months and avoids hair loss. Use a straightener after every wash (or even every other day).

But in front of the very wide offer, it is not easy to find your way and know which type of smoothing to choose according to the desired result and your hair type. We suggest you evaluate Tannin smoothing, a natural technique that is particularly interesting for hair with little volume.

Tannin smoothing, technology without chemical derivatives

Also called “tannin repair”, tannin smoothing Made with plant-derived ingredients. Tannins are substances from the polyphenol family that are found mainly in grape seeds or in the inner bark of trees. In the world of hairdressing, it is an interesting ingredient for smoothing hair fibers.

big advantage, Tannin Smoothing does not contain any chemical ingredients that can damage hair. Rather, it is quite the opposite: it provides a “caring” effect that transforms and delights the hair without causing trauma to the hair fibre.

“This caring aspect is one of the main advantages of tannin smoothing, compared to Brazilian smoothing which has become so widespread and sometimes not always so much. Cleaning‘, explains Hayet, an expert in smoothing and hair care in Nice and its surroundings, on top of her Instagram account @lissagegygy. Even if Brazilian smoothing formulas have evolved quite a bit in recent years and it is now possible to find Brazilians who deserve their natural tannins.”

Who is the tannin softener for?

“Customers are attracted by its natural composition, clients often turn to smoothing with tannin, without really knowing its properties,” our expert notes. However, tannin straightening is not suitable for all hair types. The perfect profile? Hair with a little mass you don’t want to lose volume at all. “On long hair with a large mass, the result is likely to be disappointing,” continues the specialist. “From the point of view of longevity, the result will last no more than a month and a half: it will then be necessary to take out the brush and hot plates to get very fine hair.” In fact, Smoothing with tannin does not provide the effect of a “hard baguette”, but gives a nice natural movement Which regulates hair without overpowering its density.

For those who desire sleek hair, with reduced mass and volume, Indian nano straightening would be a more sensible option. Also formulated with ingredients of plant origin such as amla oil, this technology smooths hair with an enveloping effect that is very interesting for males that “bulge” or display a little thick volume.

Smoothing process with tannin

If the process is rather long (leave at least 3 good hours depending on the length of your hair), it is nevertheless very simple: “Heyn opens the hair scales, we apply the product with tannin, rinse, then blow-dry and pass the plates to fix the smoothing “, summarizes our expert. Then we should avoid dealing with our hair and Wait at least 48 hours before washing it so that the tannin smoothing can be perfectly imprinted on the hair.

The first step, which consists in opening the hair scales, is performed using a lightening shampoo. “The goal is to remove and weaken all traces of products that may have been deposited on the hair (old coloring, old straightening, etc.), in order to start again on the ‘cleanest’ basis possible,” explains Hayet. After this important first stage, it is the quality of the tannin product used and the experience of the hairdresser that will make the difference and allow you to get a truly satisfactory result.

When things are done right, on the right type of hair, the hair is 80% relaxed and the result remains intact for 4 to 6 months.‘ confirms the specialist.

To ensure quality service, take the time to familiarize yourself with the products used and the philosophy of the professional who takes care of your hair, Especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Feel free to refer to reviews left by other customers to be reassured.

Tannin smoothing maintenance

for To smooth it out with the tannin at last A maximum of time, special maintenance is required. “It is recommended to use shampoo without sulfates,” our expert confirms. In fact, shampoos that contain sulfates are very cleansing and will likely remove the thinning layer of smoothing product on the hair after some time. “We run the risk of quickly finding dull hair, with open scales, and a suffocated scalp having trouble getting oxygen,” adds Hayet.

What is the price of smoothing with tannin?

Prices for tannin smoothing vary according to many criteria: the length and mass of the hair, the experience of the professional, but also according to the quality of the products used. On average, for a home service on short hair, Prices start around 130 euros“, the specialist advances. But on long hair and in the salon, its price can reach 450 euros.”

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