7 Hairstyles for Trendy Girls (Regardless of Face Shape)

Adding layers to a bob hairstyle creates texture and movement and creates a fuller look. It is the ideal hair style for ladies with fine hair and reduces the volume of thicker hair. Layers of different lengths suit all face shapes. In order to convince you that this is the change you need, here are inspiring images of the layered bob cut that is very popular among fashionable girls this year!

Layered hairstyles suit all face shapes, suit all hair combinations, and look amazing whether you wear them with tracksuits, jeans, or even a long bohemian dress.

The decadent bob cut idea 2022

Bob haircuts have been around for nearly a century. Like all fashion trends, it has adapted to the needs and tastes of the times. Almost every woman has one. Today’s bobs are sophisticated, elegant and designed to precisely “fit” a woman’s hair type and style preferences.

Curly gradient square with long bangs

Graduated Curly Bob With Long Bangs 2022

While bangs don’t look like bangs on curly or wavy hair, that doesn’t mean they don’t work with those textures. Conversely, the curly fringes reveal a whole new level of the hairstyle, as they gracefully frame the face, while blending well with the rest of the hair. The same goes for gradients.

In fact, getting layered curly hair is a must if you want your curls to be defined and highlighted, and this photo is proof of that. Each curl is perfectly formed, thanks to the texture of the ends. Needless to say, the way bangs transform into a curly bob is to die for.

Shaggy layered bob cut

Shaggy bob cut in gradient 2022

Diapers have arrived in this world to open the doors to another world, a world of endless experiences. Fall into many different cutting techniques with which you can build an attractive look that will make you stand out from the crowd. This time the layers are horizontal and incremental. Short layers on top work for volume and movement, while long, cascading layers on the bottom create a lovely round shape. Yes, shaggy hairstyles are full of surprises. To make it match your face shape, you can also spice it up. But don’t forget to ask your stylist to achieve a seamless blend of your bangs and your layers.

Short bob cut 2022

Decadent short bob cut 2022

An angled haircut can accentuate your facial features, add a little edge to the whole look, and express your creative personality. But have you ever wondered what can enhance an oblique haircut? It turns out that layers are the key to not only making the most of these dramatic hairstyles, but also taking it to a whole new level.

And you know what? There is something that can intensify the power of angled layered hairstyles. Of course, it’s an amazing color! By the way, you will not go wrong with the choice of red.

Medium length bob hairstyle with a center parting

Long graduated bob hairstyle with parting mid 2022

Don’t underestimate the importance of skating! Some women don’t even know that the way they part their hair actually affects their appearance.

For face shapes known for their sharp corners, there is no such thing as a side parting. And to flatten faces with rounded features, a middle parting will do the trick. Needless to say, a center parting + slightly wavy layers = a hairstyle to remember.

Graduated square with margin on the side

Gradient bob with side bangs 2022

It would be great to enhance the magic of layered cuts. And there is no better way to do that than by surprise.

Bangs can not only frame your face and make it more beautiful, but also individualize the hairstyle by giving it a little more volume. This short layered haircut with bangs, in which the bangs are a bit longer than the full length, gives a great finishing touch to the side.

To give this style more fullness, try wavy bangs. Texture play is always great fun!

Layered asymmetric bob cut

Degraded asymmetric bob cut 2022

This layered cut is longer on one side. It comes in long and short lengths and all lengths in between. The style can be straight, wavy or curly. The edges are often pointed and sometimes one edge is playfully wrinkled under the chin. Whatever a woman chooses to wear this hairstyle, it is always attractive.

voluminous layered bob hairstyle

Huge bob hairstyle in gradient 2022

This multicolored haircut is designed for those with thinning hair who want a fresh layered bob hairstyle to add volume and texture. With its multidimensional color, it’s soft and smooth for a totally youthful and feminine look. This look is ideal for people with an oval or heart-shaped face.

To style a voluminous bob, apply a high-quality texturing product and blow dry your hair. Use a paddle brush for a smooth effect or a round brush if you really want to increase the volume. If you’re going for a clean look, use a flat iron for the finishing touches.

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