11 things you should avoid during pregnancy to keep fit and keep your baby healthy!

Paying special attention to your lifestyle during pregnancy is an essential gesture that has many aspects. In other words, there are many products and habits to be careful of during this time that are very important to you and your partner. From hair coloring to exercises to x-rays… highlight 11 things you should avoid during pregnancy to stay healthy.

List of things to avoid during pregnancy: Activities to give up!

As you already know, there are many things that should not be done during pregnancy in order to protect your health and the health of your baby. In the current article, our editors reveal 11 activities that are best to avoid when you’re pregnant. to focus!

Acupuncture and massage

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy Complementary Therapies Acupuncture Massage

Acupuncture and massage are complementary treatments that should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy. Second, it is generally safe, but it is important to tell your therapist that you are pregnant. If you are considering such treatment, you should inform your doctor or midwife and choose a qualified therapist.

For those who don’t know, the benefits of acupuncture include relaxation, de-stressing, some movement issues, and so on.

hair dye

Something to avoid during pregnancy to color your hair

In the context of hair coloring during pregnancy, the research is controversial. While some show no danger, others indicate that the chemicals in it may be harmful. However, opting for colored locks is a better idea because, in this way, the dye is only applied to the lengths and thus is not absorbed by the scalp or blood system.

physical training

Things not to do during pregnancy Exercising is prohibited for pregnant women

For sports during pregnancy, some activities such as walking, swimming, prenatal yoga or Pilates are allowed. However, you should seek advice from a gynecologist before starting to ensure that the chosen training does not pose a risk to your baby and yourself.

However, there are many activities that should not be done and they generally contain sudden or bouncy movements, sports where you can suffer a kick in the stomach and more.

Things to avoid during pregnancy also include a solarium and fake tan

What are the things to avoid during pregnancy solarium fake tan pregnant women

Tanning beds (in the sun) emit ultraviolet (UV) rays that are harmful to health. In addition, the use of these devices increases the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

As for a fake tan, it can cause severe allergic reactions because pregnancy changes hormones and thus makes the skin more sensitive than usual.

X-rays are another thing a pregnant woman should not do

Something not to do an x-ray the dangers of x-rays

X-rays are generally prohibited during pregnancy due to the risks associated with X-rays and their ability to promote the development of cancer. Exposure to it can cause birth defects, as well as problems with physical and mental development. Your doctor will further evaluate your condition.

Why warn of cats when you are pregnant?

How To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy Cats Avoid Toxoplasmosis

Have you heard about the link between pregnancy and toxoplasmosis? Therefore, the latter is a common infection that affects the majority of birds and mammals, including humans and can cause serious problems during pregnancy. The parasite is found in cat feces, in their droppings, as well as in the soil. Although the risk of developing toxoplasmosis during pregnancy is very low, infection early in pregnancy is considered dangerous because it can cause miscarriage, blindness, or brain damage in the baby.

Sauna and Jacuzzi are two other things to avoid during pregnancy

Things to avoid during pregnancy.  Jacuzzi sauna for pregnant women

Experts recommend against using the sauna, hot tub, and other facilities due to the risk of overheating, dehydration and fainting. When the temperature rises, your blood flows close to the skin to cool the body through sweating. This means less blood flow to your organs, including your brain. As a result, you don’t get enough oxygen and you are more likely to faint.

Certain foods are also among the things to avoid during pregnancy

How do you stay healthy during pregnancy I like to avoid pregnancy

How to be healthy during pregnancy? By avoiding certain foods that can harm your health and the health of your child. To learn more, please visit List of Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy.

Beware of household products and chemicals that contain them

List of things to avoid during pregnancy Toxic household chemical products

Avoiding drinking alcohol is a must during pregnancy

Things to avoid during pregnancy Alcohol for pregnant women

The coating enhances the absorption of harmful substances

How to stay healthy during pregnancy Avoid paint

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