Which cut to choose according to the shape of his face?

Round, oval, square, elongated … Depending on the shape of his face, it is preferable to make certain cuts.

Here’s the type of hairstyle you should adopt to accentuate your features, according to beauty expert Nicholas Waldorf, author of Have a Date? – Best Hairstylist Advice for Finding Your Style (Solar Editor), which collects the best tips from the star hairstylist.

round face

With a round face, the ideal option would be to highlight the volume at the top, at the level of the roots, and a little at the top of the sides, to enhance the face.

Usually it is better to avoid squares with flat roots and volume at the level of the cheeks, as this will round out the shape of the face.

Choose long or medium length haircuts, with locks that fall across the face to create it.

oval face

When you have an oval face, you can wear a medium-length square with volume on the sides and slightly flattened roots.

Long or too flabby bangs, as well as a long cut are very suitable for people with this conformation.

long face

With an elongated face, you should avoid giving volume at the top, as with the tops, and do a parting in the middle, elongating the face.

To smooth them, we can resort to unstructured haircuts and slightly blurred hairstyles.

square face

A square face can give a slightly masculine side. To smooth the lines and erase the jawbones, we’ll bet on the volume above the skull.

Knowing that long cuts or long bangs for curtains or long squares are especially suitable for square faces.

rectangular face

With an oblong face, you should bring softness with wavy movements. A long and slightly wavy square would be perfect.

If you choose a very soft and graphic hairstyle, then it will highlight the oblong side and intensify the face.

heart face

You should try to keep the openings on the forehead to enlarge the face. This is thanks to a fringe with separate locks, for example.

Messy hairstyles and cuts of medium length, with volume on the side and at the top, are suitable. With a heart face, you can also wear a long square plunge.

triangular face

In general, anything that suits a triangular face. But it is better to flesh it out, thicken it, and keep your forehead open to lengthen the face.

We avoid flattening her hair back and do very compact styles, such as boxy, droopy or slightly sloping.

hexagonal face

With a hexagonal face, avoid very organized cuts and apply volume to the bottom of the cheeks, as this will enhance the square side.

Feel free to bring the hair back to the front to feminize and polish the face, and prefer “thin” hairstyles that thicken the hair and round out the corners.

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