The 8 most important color trends for summer 2022

In the summer, with tan skin and reddened cheekbones, you want to change your look and have fun. Here’s the inspiration to show off your colorists.

There is no shortage of inspiration with TikTok, Instagram, and the company. There are ideas for all skin types and hair types. It’s time to make an appointment!

1) Ginger

The Ginger It is a shade of red very much like strawberry blonde Recent years, but deeper. Blondes who want something darker without going brown can enjoy this hair color.

2) Blond Vanilla Almond Butter

Vanilla Almond Butter Blonde is a balance between arctic blonde and warm, multidimensional tones. It tends to remind surfers of California beaches.

3) color key

Tips dipped in a bright color or a few colorful stripes, it’s so trendy and fresh! Green can perfectly go with natural black curls, and pink will go well with cold blond. The rebel in you can enjoy color this summer.

4) Expensive brunette

Rich brown was the color of choice to start the year, and it looks like its reign will continue. Dark brown, multi-dimensional and especially shiny. Some may want to add a few tones of caramel to make it more delicious.

5) Hot Roe

For a change from dull hair in summer, many colorists suggest going the bolder red route, with cinnamon and chili undertones. As a bonus, the hair of this shade can look especially shiny in the sun.

6) color block

Colorful squares are not only for fashion and decoration. Hair can also be dyed color blockThe result is sublime and somewhat provocative. To do this, it is about dyeing a part of a contrasting color with the rest of the hair. The different part will stand out.

7) sunshine blond

One style that will never get old is golden blond. coloring sunshine blond Perfect for sweeping and will always stay in place in the sun.

8) strawberry brunette

inclinations strawberry brunette It features a color-changing dark brown base where warm burgundy and almost red reflections are applied. tilt Brown woman from camp Ginger, The tones are deeper.

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