La Creuse is the champion of France… but you won’t guess what

Come on, admit it: you necessarily walked through a hairdressing salon one day and said to yourself: “Oh crap, a game of words!”. Did you find it funny or not, well thought out or too obvious, a little far-fetched or too fanciful … But you did not laugh well: thanks to hairdressers Creuse, the department won first place in a very serious rating despite the name of the site – Hairdressers clowns – who shows it. With 15.91% of stylists joked, Creuse dominates Haute-Loire and Lozère.

When hanging from hair

“Ah, this is funny. No, I did not know this site, Anna Paquet smiled. It is funny. When the hairdresser opened her salon in Villen, she looked for an original name. But there is no doubt about entering into a bun with a colleague: “I wanted a word game, Yes, of course, and I looked for ideas online because there can’t be two salons with the same name in the same department. I didn’t want a boring name, nor did I want something with my first name either, and I found Legend Hair. Caught my attention. »

David Pereira has developed a new concept of hair salon in the center of Guéret

At Ajain, Sylvie Fernandez didn’t have to split her hair to find the name of her salon: It really is.

It was already called Créa’tif when I took over. I loved it so I kept it. If I had to pick one, I would necessarily do a word game. Because it’s more fun.

In her living room at Dun-le-palastel, Pauline Paquinyon doesn’t know which site she’s been referred to either. The hairstylist, who’s been installed here for nine years, entertained with this arrangement that puts Creuse ahead. She’s more than her share because the name of her salon isn’t just a pun.

First of all, yes, I totally wanted a word game but also my name would appear in it. And I found Pauline’s poetry because I love this poet, too. Besides, in my living room there are a lot of short phrases by authors on the walls. That name, my clients talked to me a lot about, yeah. »

And it took a great deal of customer breadth to rename her Apollin: “Yes, it happened.”

In the poetry of time??

Double Pun also for Angélique Lebrun who opened her salon twelve years ago in Genouillac: An Gel’Coiffure. “I didn’t look too far. Made according to my first name, it came like this. And there is the gel that is one of our products. Nadine Royer, who has been living in Guéret for eight years, wanted the name of the salon she just created to go with her:” And L’Hair du temps worked just fine for me. We are making improvements here. I did not hesitate for a moment.”

It’s the rush of some Cruz hairstylists

Hairstylist at Aubusson, Delphine didn’t choose the name of her salon: she’s not the boss. But she knows why.

In fact, our boss already has a salon in Saint-Sulpice-les-Champs called Créatif. And when she bought this, she wanted a name close to it and chose Diminutive. I think she did a good job: these are two very attractive names, and customers remember them.

But why are they so creative??

As for finding out why hairstylists are the most creative professionals when it comes to finding their brand name: “I don’t know, admits Sylvie Fernandez. We may be more creative, quite simply.” “Hair styling is creativity, it’s an art,” says Nadine. “I think it’s because of the fad,” Delphine says. The hairdresser must have started this and everyone else followed suit. A bit like a haircut in the wind. In any case, we want to believe them: we won’t go deep into the graying of the question.

Severine Perrier

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