In 2009, a boy combed Obama’s hair: After 13 years, their ways are back again

A widely circulated photo, immortalized the first meeting in the Oval Office between Jacob of Philadelphia and former President Barack Obama in 2009.

“Is your hair like mine?”

Abu Jacob Philadelphia, Carlton, was a former White House employee, and at the time of Barack Obama’s rise to power in 2009, he had to leave the building. He then asked the president-elect to pose for a photo with him in the Oval Office with his young children, including Jacob Philadelphia, who was 5 at the time.

Then Jacob asked the little one Barack Obama A funny question that did not fail to surprise those present. The boy asked him if his hair was like his own. In response, the American president prostrated in front of the child so that he could touch his hair. The moment was immortalized and the photo went viral.

remote reunion

Thirteen years after this meeting between Jacob Philadelphia And the Barack ObamaThey met again via video conference. In a five-minute video, the former head of state immediately asked the teen if he remembered him. “I remember you telling me your hair would be gray next time,” Jacob replied, not without irony. Obama congratulates him on his studies and the teenager trusts him with his desire to study political science at the University of Memphis. Jacob talked about his meeting with Barack Obama, admitting it “It was a very big moment in my life. If I see another black man at the top, at that level, I want to follow that path,” Reports pfmtv.

from his side, Barack Obama comment: “I think this photo embodies one of the hopes I had when I started running for office.” Before he was elected president, he would say to his wife, Michelle, and all his team, “You know, I think, if I were to win, the day I would be sworn in, young men, especially African-Americans, people of color, and foreigners, in short, people who might not always feel a sense of belonging , they see themselves differently when they see someone who looks like them in the Oval Office. Black kids and Latino kids, gay kids and little girls. He can see the world open up to them.”

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