Highlights or balayage on white hair? This summer, we’re adapting white with its signature Herringbone locks!

Highlights or balayage on white hair? If you find it hard to assume, but you don’t want to adopt a short haircut or go through the visible roots and delineation box, here’s a hair trend that you must dare this summer! So, just like Sarah Jessica Parker, you can wear Herringbone HIghlights, or sweep herringbone hIghlights in French! This is an ideal coloring technique for creating harmony between the first gray hair and the rest of the hair. However, the issue is not about masking it, but about highlighting it by creating some kind of fishbone pattern. to focus!

Herringbone Highlights: Highlights or Balayage on white hair to carry your age in style?

More and more women are refusing to go into the “full color” box to hide gray hair. And for good reason, because the best way to fight these is ultimately to assume it. In this case, the question arises: highlighting or erasing white hair? There is only one answer! To embrace your obvious roots without shame or complexity, dare you to fishbone highlights, or Herringbone Highlights, which mix grays, blondes, and dark chestnuts! This hair technique, developed by world famous stylist Tom Smith, aims to integrate your white roots into your natural base. So, does this work for you?

Fishbone sweep, késako?

herringbone highlights meches on white hair herringbone balayage 50 year old woman

Was it possible to forget the monthly appointments with Streamer? After salt and pepper hair, a new white hair color trend is looming. Thank you Sarah Jessica Parker! Still called Herringbone Highlights, the fishbone sweep is undoubtedly the latest hair trend that dares suppose your white roots and sublimation. So, if you’re tired of camouflaging it with chemical dyes, why not adapt it to your hair color? This specially formulated hair color is ideal for a smooth transition to gray hair. However, it is necessary to go to the hairdresser to achieve this.

Can we make streaks on white hair chevron sweeps over a 50-year-old woman

The idea? Go smooth and style by seeing white as a new shade. This new coloring technique consists in creating a mixture of warm and cool colors, homogeneously incorporating white, even dispersed hair, for an elegant and radiant look. And while some of you will find it hard to imagine it on your heads, what can be said is that the meandering pool is already popular with a lot of stars. Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and SJP are just a few of the notable women who swapped hair for salt and pepper for Herringbone Highlights.

Hair Color Trend Woman 60 Years Balayage Chevron Curvy Highlights

In terms of maintenance, if possible, choose a mild shampoo without sulfates to avoid damaging your skin too much. Regular restorative treatments are also necessary in order to maintain the intensity of the threads in the fishbone pattern. To avoid yellowing the hair, use shampoos with bluish compositions. Used once a week, it neutralizes the yellow color and prevents pigments from escaping from it.

Coloring highlights + 50-year-old white-haired woman highlighting herringbone fishbone

Experts recommend washing curly conditioner once or twice a week in cold water to prevent yellowing and retain its cool colors. Finally, do not forget to moisturize the hair, because above all coloring dries and weakens the hair fiber. Nourish your limbs and lengths with the right oils and homemade masks, and reduce the use of heaters, brushes, and shampoos as much as possible. These gestures ensure that the hair that no longer grows is eliminated.

Kate Moss

Coloring scan on white hair pictures highlights a woman 50 years or older

Sarah Jessica Parker – white hairstyle with curly locks

herringbone highlights ash blonde highlights on white hair herringbone balayage 50 year old woman

Ash blonde highlights on white and gray hair

Curvy Balayage Highlights or Highlights on White Blonde Gray Hair Sarah Jessica Parker

Ghouinith baltrow

Zigzag highlights

Jennifer Aniston

White hair with braids in zigzag highlights the color of a 50-year-old woman

Chevron balayage – hair color suitable for all ages

White hair with gray blond highlights the fishbone

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