“Good Vibes and Belly Dance”: The Beautiful Journey of Cassandra Gito, Menton’s Dancer’s Teacher

“againstIt’s not really a dance studio.”The young woman recognizes. However she is”Here it all began. In this multipurpose room at École Jeanne d’Arc in Careï, Menton, Cassandra Khettou has been giving belly dance lessons every Monday evening for ten years now.

“It’s very rare that I miss a class! If I do, the girls get worried and ask me if I’m okay!” Her long wavy blonde hair frames her delicate face. Black leggings, a T-shirt with the name of the association you head, OrientalTwenties welcome us enthusiastically. “How do we do? Tell you my flight? I can talk to you, huh?”

At the back of the room, her mother, Salika, lowers the music a bit. “I hope you have time”Cassandra Khito joked. The young woman is squatting, rewinding the thread of her life.

If the adventure Oriental It started a decade ago at this elementary school in Careï, where its founder started much earlier, “In a small school in the Borrego district.

“I was nine years old, and my mother and grandmother decided to take an experimental belly dance class at this school.you remember. At that time, there were almost no courses of this kind. There were a few in Nice, but it wasn’t popular at all…”

Salicah Step complements: “Since we couldn’t keep it, we took it away. At the end of the lesson, she found herself next to the teacher who took her by the hand and said to her: You, you stay here.

a “first click” to the young Cassandra, who then began to take dance lessons”from which place “ in Menton.

“level only”

The second click comes at age 15, when a teacher is absent from the cultural and recreational center for the rest of the year. An opportunity for Cassandra Khito to present her first belly dance lesson.

“You gave me momentumsays the dancer today. I no longer wanted to take lessons, I wanted to do something myself, Cassandra sauce! “

Her desire is embodied in Lycée Curie, where she opens a dance club for her boarding school friends. there “Cassandra sauce They look attractive. The classes are going well. The girls even represent the institution during the regional Printemps des lycées competition.

It was great because it motivated me, I saw that I could manageYoung lady delivers. Because, at 16, you’re coming out of nowhere, without a title or anything…” “only level”His mother smiled at his side.

After high school, Cassandra Khito already dreams of founding her own association. For a while, she thought about going to a dance school, but her mother Khito curbed her teenage enthusiasm.

“I know the world of women. I asked her for a bachelor’s degree at least, that was important to mejustify. That’s it. Then you did what you wanted. I told him: You have the bac, you have your partner. “

Raise the bet. Noun Oriental It first appeared in the Official Gazette in February 2012.

“You put music on it, it has a blast”

A month later, Cassandra Khito blew out 18 candles. In parallel with the dance lessons, she entered the University of Nice and became interested in tourism, heritage and sustainable development. On weekends, she dances in bars and restaurants all over the Cote d’Azur. find itbalance” She said like this.

“She even got a master’s degree with honors! reveals his mother. To be honest, I thought dancing would pass her… but she never did, it’s in her blood…” In blood, yes.

In the year of her fourteenth birthday, when she participated in a dance competition in Nice where she took second place on the podium, Cassandra Khitou managed to impress her “Hug Belly Dance From The United States”.

“She told me you’re into music”, as you say. “Maybe that’s the difference with herSilica thinks, I step out loud. She just improvises. You put music on it, it has a blast and it’s going to blow everyone up. It’s all about feeling.”

dance “social”

Assembly day Oriental It gathers nearly thirty members,”Of all ages and backgrounds. Here, little girls come with their moms and vice versa and it all ends up being everyone else.

“We are here to have fun and have funCassandra Gito insists. We don’t pretend to be a great dance school, and there was no pressure or competition. We do what we can with our means.”

creed? Good vibes and belly dance. “Good vibes and belly dance”Professor translates. who defends aSocial side “ in his classes,beyond dance.

“The idea was also to unite, bring people together. The people who come here don’t know each other, they don’t have anything in common, and they end up being friends. I really make sure there’s a good atmosphere.”

In February 2021, girlsOriental March for the first time during the Lemon Festival. “Crazy experience! “ A few months later, the association was selected as a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council. A network that brings together organizations, associations, institutions and dance professionals from all over the world, which gives the association the right to issue internationally recognized certifications.

It seems like a long time ago when her boss tried, as best she could, to post her courses via her Facebook account. “Every year now, we have 250 people come to visit us at the Palais de l’Europe”The young woman smiled.

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