When Erin Fren conducts an investigation

yoIn the morning in Santa Barbara, where she has her family, Erin Fryn walks near the mission cemetery – now a museum. There, he tells the story of a woman found in the nineteenth century.e A century on an island, 200 kilometers offshore, she was buried there under the simple name Juana Maria. True story, that’s how he drew it San Francisco Daily Herald In his copy of September 8, 1853: While fishing on desolate San Nicholas Island, 80 miles from Pueblo in Los Angeles, Major and Honorary Commander George Nidfer spotted a wild Indian woman and brought her back to the mainland. »“Something moved inside of me, but it remained tales.” And then there was closing. Erin Fryn is at home, overwhelmed by darkness “Back Memory” relating to the disappearance of his sister (narrated in A crime of no importance, Interallié Prize 2020). To eliminate anxiety, she tidyed up her desk and came across two notices dating from her visit to the museum. “So I did what I always do, responding to life’s difficulties with imagination. I thought of this woman whose scholars’ mystery had never been solved.”“This fate is a blank slate that awaits the imagination”, Someone wrote in his diary. Was it necessary for the journalist and writer, member of the jury of the European Polar Prize of the Point, An outstanding investigator? We’re here in this not-so-distant past, when Los Angeles is thus just “general”. The whales are gone, the bay is empty and the people are sad. Remembers Dr. Shaw. From the crossing of the men of this lonely wild woman upon the earth, ” else “. Among these seven weeks when whites, Indians, notables, and peasants scramble to see the one who smiles all the time, even with closed eyelids. “It was a miracle and amazing” Erin Fren writes.

Novelist Erin Fren.

A rare pearl. I came out of the depths of time – why? How ? Was she rescued or captured? -, wears black plumage, speaks a mysterious language that is not spoken anywhere, and opens her arms while singing “tokitoki yahah’ah’mom’nah”, a “joy party”. Is it God or Satan who created this creature? Anthropologists, doctors, priests, and polyglots tear their hair. Except for Librado, “The Delivered,” the “The last to know that the sun has a soul”, Who slips into his soul, the soul of the missile people … This book is like a lonely woman, whose fate is always a mystery: amazing, radiant. To the west of the great American West, Erin Frien has rubbed a rare and magical pearl like Aladdin’s Lamp. She is the daughter of Hunters of Gold, Treasures, Fantasy and Memory and her twin sisters. At the conclusion of his novel, harmonious, brotherly, so full of air and pure joy that we forget that it originated from a wounded and trapped soul, we smile. Fortunately, all are left to the blessing of a rare and miraculous read§

“The joy of a lonely woman”, By Irene Fren (Le Seuil, 288 pages, €21).

In Nice, an adventure through the pages

This year again, the point It is associated with the Beautiful Book Festival, which will take place from 3 to 5 June, and this year again, there will be beautiful linen on the promenade. Starting with Honorary President: Sylvain Tesson. Who better than him, the jungle, mountains and plains runner, to embody the theme of this 26e Edition: “Writing: Adventure!” Between two round tables and three autograph sessions, he will be recognized by Franz-Olivier Gisbert, Festival Artistic Director, on Friday 3 at 4 p.m. at the Bandstand, Albert Park-1Verse. In the city of Queen Côte d’Azur that has inspired so many “outdoor” or “bedroom” travelers, beginning with Nietzsche, Gary or Matisse, nearly 200 authors will gather this weekend to meet their readers, sign their works, and speak on their authorship. Among the guests, among stage regulars such as Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Prize for Literature – born here – and festival faithful (Jean-Christophe Ruffin, Isabel Cary, Tonino Benaquista), highlight the remarkable lady of romantic adventure: Irene Fren.

Beautiful Book Festival, June 3-5. lefestivaldulivredenice.com

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