What is the ideal haircut for fine hair?

Getting ma-gni-faïque (Christina if you read us) hair by Jennifer Lopez or Gisele Bundchen is a dream of many of us. And it’s not the girls with fine hair who would conflict with me.
But hey, as with many things, don’t pick what works for you hair type ! #unfairness

Fortunately, it is possible to cheat and turn up the volume with trompe-l’oeil hairstyles.

There are also a lot of hair tips Fight flat hair.

Which haircut should be avoided on fine hair?

Because when you have fine hair you can’t stand it all when it comes to cutting, here’s what you shouldn’t do to avoid the weight and flattening of hair that lacks volume.

– Forget the long hair.
The longer the hair, the heavier it is. And the heavier it is, the more it gives a static effect. Generally, girls with thin hair You already have sleek, sleek hair, so there’s no need to accentuate it.

Skip the tapered hairstyles.
If you want to increase the thickness, the idea is not to remove it! The logic you say. Therefore, if you want to lighten the tips, forget about them.

– We definitely stop tumble drying “baguette”.
If you have it normally flat hairWhat is the point of smoothing it?

What is a woman’s haircut when you have fine hair?

There is a lot Fine hair cutAble to create volume!
In order to gain thickness and give essence to your complexion, here are the cuts that you like best.

  • deteriorated cutting
    If a short haircut is out of the question for you, you can choose medium length cut Provided you degrade as much advice as possible.
    This will cause the hair to bounce back and it will look thicker. The gradient square, for example, is a Suitable for fine and flat hair.
  • Pop Organizer
    Must work inevitably with fine hair structured fit.
    So we think about sink square or precisely squared.
  • Genie cut for fine hair
    This short cut is perfect for bringing back the essence to flat hair.
    homework ? Play with a large wick covering your forehead in a wave motion.
    Bob cut for fine hair It is also very trendy and gives an impressive volume effect!

Finally, feel free to ask a professional for ideas Hairstyle for thin hairAble to create the illusion of an XXL mane.

5 tips to increase the volume of your thin and flat hair

  • Shellac is a good ally to sublimate the hair but also to give it depth thanks to the shiny reflections it deposits on the hair.
  • Hair coloring is also a good way to play with shades to create optical illusions. And if you don’t want a drastic change hair colour-Wicks are also a good credit!
  • While showering, when applying shampoo, remember to massage your scalp well Stimulating fine hair From the root, give volume to the whole.
  • When drying your hair (either with a blow dryer or just a towel), always start at the roots to get volume. And if you’re using a hair dryer, finish drying with a round brush to turn the ends outward. The movement will add volume to your mane.
  • Finally, when combing your hair, do it upside down, always to detangle the roots and increase volume.

The advice of Fabian Hellebuek, the expert shampoo coach

Well, your hair is fine and you are looking for volume…I have the solution for you!

And yes, whether you have a short or medium length cut, the trick is in the cutting technique. First, make your haircut on dry, clean hair, this is more convenient because on wet hair, fine hair presses on the scalp and the volume is absent. Second, adapt the cutting technique by smoothing the hair, i.e. creating uneven lengths in order to use the shorter lengths as teachers with the goal of preserving the hair. Third, use shaggy hairstyles on short curly hair or wavy hairstyles on medium length hair instead of straight hairstyles.

So before you go to the hairdresser, here it is hair cuts Specially chosen for girls with fine hair.
Something to find inspiration.

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