The mystery of the “Butterfly Woman” who killed Frederic Kaye in Loire-et-Cher in 1999?

On June 15, 1999, the lifeless body of a young woman was discovered cut into pieces on a sandbank in Rilly-sur-Loir, in Loir-et-Cher. Will Frederick Keel’s killer be found?

Our “Scene of Crime” video series invites you to return to the most important criminal cases of recent years in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Today, we return to an unsolved case: the death of Frederic Kaye in 1999.

It is possible that the scene of this crime took place on June 13, 1999, but it is impossible to determine the exact location of the murder of this 27-year-old woman, because more than twenty years after the events there are still many gray areas.

On Tuesday 15 June 1999, a young fisherman came to enjoy the bright summer sunshine on the Loire. Not far from the Château de Chaumont, the sandy banks of the Rilly-sur-Loire are a favorite of Loire fish lovers. But on that day, something disturbs the calm of the decorator. The fisherman discovers scattered plastic bags and human body parts on the beach. Very shocked, he immediately left to alert the gendarmerie.

The first results show that she is a young woman who is brutally disfigured. His body was dismembered, his breasts were cut and the uterus was torn, nowhere to be found. An autopsy establishes that she was killed by a gunshot blast before she was cut postmortem.

“She died from the explosion of a rifle fired perpendicular to her head, which leads us to believe that she was lying down when the bullet went off,” explains Jack Foumpon, the lead of the Orleans Research Division responsible for the investigation. .

A few days after the shocking discovery, gendarmerie investigators called witnesses to identify the victim. She is a woman in her thirties, measuring 1m 70 for about sixty kilograms, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She wears two distinctive signs: an eagle tattoo on the right shoulder blade and another that represents a butterfly.

Calling witnesses allowed a name to be given to the person who was later dubbed “The Butterfly Woman” by the press. Frederic Kay, born in Geneva in 1972, mother of two children. Arrived from Bordeaux, installed in Tor just a month before it disappeared. To earn a living, a 27-year-old young woman is engaged in prostitution.

When we learn that she was murdered by a man while in bed and that prostitutes do not sleep with their client, we tell ourselves that we should take care of someone close to him.

Despite the long-running investigation of the gendarmerie of the Orleans Research Department, despite many leads and many suspects, the author of the brutal murder of Frederic Kyle could never be arrested. An unresolved case whose file is still open.

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