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Women – While updating my resume, after filling in classic diplomas, languages ​​and professional experience, I stayed for a moment on the question of training. from where we start? What should be highlighted? What have I learned that could help me in my career? Back to learning the highlights.

The first exercise at the age of eight: reaction and shock resistance

As long as you do that, you can also start early. accident. A father will only be physically present for the next thirty years. Evening lessons are held live, daily and I find out what a family nanny should do, without being unhappy, at the price paid by a devoted and hardworking mother who forgets her life as a woman and her needs.

15 years: homemade hairdressing training

Podium magazine offers a catalog of cuts and an extra-strong hairbrush that keeps hair at 80 degrees in all directions, just like Cure singer Robert Smith. Firstly.

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16-18 years: long training for work and study

The topic varies from week to week. Friendship, love, party, music … adolescence in all its glory, with a special mention of young love and bad taste in clothes.

20 years: complete language training

An academic year abroad. Other educated people are French, whose drive to master the practices of pubs in north-west England is as strong as mine. A synchronized group that does not miss the gestures of freedom or neglect.

25 years: training for married life

beginner’s level. Professional women’s double degree. Climb the hierarchical ladder. I thrive in my business.

“100% tailor-made learning, no final exam and no diploma, which allowed me to build myself into who I am today.”

34 years: Maternal science training after first failure

Charles Pippen is right: You hardly have time to get used to the child’s behavior when he’s already moved on to the next unit. No recovery possible. Forced adaptation. Accelerated parallel improvisation training.

38 years: The level of training followed 4 years ago has been raised

The birth of my second child. some deficiencies. Still in forced adjustment.

48 – 50 years old: adultery alternate training

Theory and practice over 24 months with testing at the end of the programme. Total failure in the MCQ and practical exams at the end of the course.

51 years old: Bachelor’s degree

beginner’s level. Some initial difficulties, but adaptation thanks to friends, beautiful encounters and unfulfilled hopes.

52 years: redesigning interfaces and training to repair them

A logical continuation of the title obtained in the previous year. Neither of them is mentioned to the RNPC (National Register of Professional Certifications, Ed.) and can’t be funded through a CPF, but with the promise of a better life if you pass the final exam.

53 years old: training in the “slow life”.

A way of life that consists simply of taking time. “It is urgent to slow down.” Edgar Morin’s words are also my own. We stop everything. We ask ourselves. We think, and above all, we value the present.

At the age of fifty, I realized that the best training I had the right to was the one in which I was the only participant. 100% tailored learning, without a final exam and without a diploma, which allowed me to build myself into who I am today. A completely normal woman…

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