Anaïs Grangerac is back in the hype during The Voice that changed her life (video)

During season 3 of the soundShe is known as the “door girl”. Today, the lotto advance is in prime time on TF1. Guest in JordanAnaïs Grangerac returned to the career-altering hype.

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Iris Mittenaere, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Karen Ferry… Just like these guys from TF1 are, Anis Grangerac Lotto displays on the front page. Perhaps less well known to the general public than her fellow celebs, the TV presenter has managed to find her place in the audiovisual scene…in a rather original way. After her recent graduation, the young woman was hired as a selection director at production company Shine France (now a Banijay subsidiary, editor’s note). She works on several shows: chefAnd the Shopping queensAnd the baby boom…but one show in particular will change the trajectory of his career. In 2014, the young woman caused quite a stir thanks to her appearance in the sound. nickname The girl at the door On social networks, a craze is being created about this young woman with curly hair. But netizens are not the only ones who have noticed, channel heads have also flashed this mysterious stranger … in JordanAnaïs Grangerac tells us how her career took off thanks to a simple hashtag.

“#TheGirlFromTheDoor” : an uproar that surprised Anaïs Grangerac

For four years, Anaïs Grangerac worked in the sound. In 2014, during the third season of the singing competition, the director of choice appeared on screen during each broadcast. Her role: Opening the door to candidates who step onto the stage. A harmless few seconds of airtime that will cause a stir on social networks. Internet users discover it and customize it with hashtags “#TheGirlFromTheDoor”. Madness took no action from him: “I was the first surprise. At that time I was not at all networking. I didn’t understand what was going on. I was getting a lot of requests on Instagram. I was on a private account so I rejected everyone, it was so funny!‘, she recalls. If she was too amazed by the commotion, the person who had recently become a mother tried to explain why she had exploded on screen:At the same time, it’s hard to miss me with my hair, I think that’s what attracted everyone‘, decompose.

Monitored by producers and channel heads

The following year, the Internet sensation was promoted by TF1. my producers the sound You want to give him a more active role on the show. And so it all begins. Anaïs Grangerac is no longer opening doors but is hosting videos for the TF1 website, where she appears behind the scenes of the singing competition. Then she was spotted by W9 at the end of 2015, which marked the beginning of her career as a TV presenter. In 2019, the anchor returns to the channel she revealed. Since then, the presenter hosts programs on the front page but is also one of the headlines in the Loto, which the secrets of filming revealed to us. Like what, the former Casting Director still loves the backstage of French TV!

Entire show in Jordan It can be seen above.

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