An Assu 2000 employee testifies against Jack Botheer

Inès tells BFMTV that she was the victim of inappropriate remarks and gestures from the former CEO of Assu 2000, accused of human trafficking and rape of a minor.

Ines identifies herself as the “target” of Jack Botheer. For two and a half years, this Assu 2000 employee saw the CEO of the group descend into his open space in Noisy-le-Sec and come to greet her fervently.

“When he shook hands, I quickly noticed that he was very insistent,” she documents to BFTMV. “He was squeezing my hand but he wouldn’t let go. I later learned the motive: it was to move my chest.”

The young woman says that she was the subject of multiple inappropriate remarks from Jacques Pouther: “You are very beautiful today, you should wear dresses a lot.” She also evokes caresses on her hair and shoulders, and pinch at the level of his hips. , “Really a lot of touch.”

“I had the right to phrases like ‘If you want, I’ll take you home tonight, you can get in my Mustang,'” she continues to BFMTV.

“I’ve always had this little bump in my stomach”

She says she met the CEO one night in the company’s parking lot, and the latter warned her that he would follow her by car to her home. Then Enes devises tricks to avoid Jack Botheer at all costs. She says she went so far as to hide in the restrooms when he arrived.

The young woman explains: “I’ve always had this little lump in my stomach (…) I told myself ‘Don’t wear a dress today or it will make you think if you meet him one day.'” Don’t wear a shirt that is too short or too low. I wore clothes that fit.”

Interviews with human rights defenders come to nothing

In the open space, colleagues observed the CEO’s merry tour. The Director and Human Resources even spoke to the young woman about this on several occasions: “Call me and tell me ‘We see Jack Botheer’s actions toward you, we see these facts and these behaviors, nothing is acceptable, it will change.’” “.

“We will make sure that he does not do it again, and that it does not happen again,” the director and advocate would tell him, “but in the end nothing changed, the next day he came back, it was the same”

The proceedings that Jack Botheer was to continue until his imprisonment last May. Inas now plans to file a complaint about sexual harassment. Jack Botheer has been charged and imprisoned for “human trafficking” and “rape a minor,” and is already the subject of a sexual harassment complaint. Complaint by a former employee of Assu 2000.

*: The first name has been changed.

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