8 inspiring hairstyles to stop your neck from sweating in summer

The weather is starting to get hot. And if, like us, you want to stay cool even when the temperature’s 35 degrees, you’ll love these 8 inspiring hairstyles straight from Instagram.

Wet neck, greasy locks, weeping forehead, itchy back … Long hair in summer is a bit like wearing a cardigan under 40 ° C: it is unbearable. keep calm, here Eight hairstyle inspiration, they are all on Insta, which will delight all hair types without exception. See instead.

low bun

A bun is one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles to cleanse the neck. To do this, you just need to arm yourself with a brush, a rubber band and some flat pliers to hold the locks you want to shape. If you want to elevate your look, it is also possible to curl your hair with an iron before plugging it in to give your bun a cool and functional bohemian style.

bubble ponytail

Extremely trendy, this bubble ponytail can be worked on all hair types to create a little ponytail that makes a big difference. In order to reproduce this look in . You just have to tie your lengths into a ponytail, as usual, then distribute the different elastics in equal spaces. Once you’re done give each part a little ballast to form a kind of bubble. Once you do that, you’re ready to go.

wavy ponytail

A ponytail, but a little more sophisticated. Simply.

space cakes

The advantage of space buns is that they can be worn by all hair types. Straight, curly, curly or curly, you can achieve this retro-futuristic result by forming little buns on the sides of your head. Classy, ​​isn’t it?

knot with clip

This is perhaps the easiest look to adopt from this choice. And for good reason, to reproduce it, you simply need to have a crab claw whose size corresponds to the mass of your hair. Then all you have to do is wrap your lengths around your finger and tie them high with said prince and you’re done.

elegant cake

If you closely follow the beauty looks of Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber, then this hairstyle, called a chic bun, is definitely not alien to you. As a video is worth a thousand words, we let beauty Youtuber Nicole Roberge simply show you how to reproduce the same look at home.

Beach braids

To get beautiful beach braids, you first need to know how to do a reverse braid. To do that, we’ve found a Youtube tutorial by Youtube Hair’s How that can help you if you don’t (yet) know how to do this terribly beautiful and practical bohemian hairstyle. Then just do the same by separating your hair into two parts and you can enjoy beautiful beach braids all summer long.

Make an inverted spiky braided braid

scarf cake

Whether it covers the hair completely, whether it is worn as a turban or used as an accessory to make a bun…a scarf is very useful. For you, we found a great Instagram tutorial, suggested by @mariaaiellohair who simply ties her silk square around her hair before wrapping it on itself to form a bun. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to do and it’s elegant. What else ?

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1 photo: braids_by_jojo_hair.

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