Why do most of the shounen anime have distinctive hairstyles?

When you think of anime, especially Shonen, a lot of metaphors come to mind. Among them are power-ups, incredible battles, supernatural abilities, and mystical creatures. However, the ones that stand out the most from the rest are the anime hairstyles.

But why are shonen characters associated with this metaphor? Why does it come to mind when the subject is mentioned? In this article, we will try to explain why anime poetry is associated with shounen heroes above all other anime genres.

Disclaimer: This article will be based on the author’s opinion and will contain minor spoilers from various anime series.


Why use unique hairstyles in shounen?

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First, we will define the meaning of anime poetry. It’s a term usually used to describe the weird, colorful, and unique hairstyle of an anime character. Although it is mostly used to refer to the protagonist or a shonen character.

This hair style usually comes with spikes, body-defining cuts, and a bright and unique color. It’s not that all of these conditions have to be met, but they usually are, especially when it comes to shounen.

But the question remains as to why characters of this type are more suited to this style than others. There are many different reasons for this.

need to stand out

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The animation and manga industry is a very difficult field to succeed in. There are thousands of different artists who want to make their dream of publishing stories come true, and unfortunately, not all of them can make it happen. When it comes to shonen stories, the difficulty increases.

Some of the world’s most popular anime and manga fall into this genre. Something about the adventures, battles, and the different ways a person can overcome their obstacles makes them attractive.

That’s why shonen artists try to make them as visually appealing as possible. A person with an ordinary hairstyle will not attract the attention of the public, but a person with bright yellow hair and nails protruding above the person’s head may look attractive.

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There are obviously many different ways in which a manga or anime can stand out – their story, unique abilities, and characters are some of the tried and true tropes. Anime poetry helps improve these factors.

They make the protagonist unique

Shonen stories are filled with different characters who play important roles throughout the series. However, it was generally noted that the artist wanted people to remember his heroes. They are the people the story is about, and if your protagonist is memorable, people will quickly lose interest in the story.

Again, there are plenty of ways to make a hero memorable without the need for a flashy design, but it helps with first impressions. The flashy hairstyle helps the reader or viewer to focus on her.

To meet their target audience

Many shounen series featuring anime hair have one thing in common. It is usually aimed at a younger audience. Children are usually attracted to things that they see as different and wonderful. If the hero of the series has brightly colored hair, then children will be attracted to him.

This is why anime poetry is not very popular when we talk about series designed for adults. Yu Ji Oh A series aimed at a younger audience, Yogi’s hair is known for being one of the craziest designs in the industry. Berserker It’s a series that only thinks of adults, and Guts’ hair is something you can totally see in the real world.

Anime poetry is a metaphor that artists usually use to boost a character’s popularity. It has the ability to grab potential viewers’ attention, and it’s something of the kind that’s saturated with content that Shonen needs.

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