“I’ve been giving myself injections since I was 25”

Audience: You publish a book of hairdressing, beauty and tips. Do you think we can replicate what you’re doing on the show here?

Nicholas Waldorf: With the right advice, this is possible. I realized that people don’t know what works for them. They follow what they are asked to do in bars, on networks, but without knowing how to adapt it to their own morphology. What is the motivation behind writing? When I saw a client come into the salon with burnt hair. She had applied the so-called magic color to go from brown to blonde and messed up her hair. With my book, she would have understood that it took several steps to get to the shade you wanted.

Where did you learn the art of cosmetology and hairdressing?

I was planning to study law when I met a hairstylist who literally blew me away. I was 16, my girlfriend had just dumped me at the time, I let myself go. My parents sent me to the hairdresser. And in the living room, there was this guy who rolled the mechanic, tattooed everywhere and was loved by all the customers. He immediately personified strength and success to me. I fell in love with him, we moved in together and he trained me to trade.

Your parents must have hallucinated!

But yes ! My father is of Sicilian origin, and my mother is Vietnamese, both very conservative. When I told them, my mother fell to her knees, saying to me, “Why are you doing this to me, you want to kill me?” I had no choice but to succeed in proving to them that it was no nonsense job. Then the man left me and promised myself I would become the best hairdresser in France until he would regret it. Work through the challenge. Finally, fortunately no one supported me, otherwise I would not have fought in this way.

Today they get used to seeing you on TV?

Yes, they confirmed my profession. And the cool thing is that the M6 ​​gives me a lot of leeway to be exactly who I am in life. I remember that one day, a young woman greeted us at her place to make a wedding dress. And when I saw the clothes, I totally wanted to wear one. I slipped, under the eyes of the cameras and had tears in my eyes telling myself that my family saw me in a dress on TV and that I could just be myself. On M6 I chose so my grandparents from their home could watch me. it’s huge. It is one of the moments I will remember all my life.

“Ten years of not sleeping, drinking and partying”

Speaking of wedding dresses, do you tend to get married?

None of my parents worked. They were very different. My father thought he married a submissive Asian girl, but my mother was a fiery temper. Paintings were flying around the house. During this time, I have been protesting with my brothers and sisters. However, I dream of getting married. I know it will happen one day, that’s for sure.

Prince Charming has already pointed at the tip of his nose?

Since I had a bit of fame, my love life got more complicated. And, ironically, it isolated me a bit. I ran into guys who were interested in money or success, and once we were together, they ended up leaving me. A few months ago, I finally met someone who doesn’t care about fame. He does something completely different, he lives in the territories and that’s cool.

Does a long distance relationship scare you?

No, that’s great. When I’m with him, I take full advantage of him and the rest of the time, I can devote myself to my work. I spend two days a week in the salon, four days in the group and there, I just reopened my restaurant. I had to close it after closing because I was losing money. Since I don’t know anything about catering, I didn’t handle it well. But now I have learned well and I have a great team.

“I was very disappointed after Luana’s arrangements”

While working on television, and on top of that in the field of aesthetics, have you ever felt pressure to stay young?

Pressure, I put it on myself! I’ve been injecting since I was 25 and not getting any older. For ten years I have not slept and engaged non-stop, then I drank and I take 400 doses, but I hydrated well, I did a little exercise and I have a good dermatologist who uses small doses of hyaluronic acid. My face turns into a skeleton over time, so it puts the volumes back in place. And it works. Last week, I was on vacation with my identical twin brother. He didn’t do anything, I did. We see the difference!

You’ve given Luana a makeover in incredible transformations. She said you ruined her hair…

I think it was a rowdy race! She said her hair was very short, and that she was a dyed brunette. This is not true at all. I was very disappointed and the entire production too. For me, it is a symbol, we have an unlimited budget. I wanted her to be prettier than when she was on the cover of a magazine she. But when she arrived, she was half in tow. were hovering. I guess she doesn’t really want to change. But it made such a bad buzz that the channel might not want to air the episode anymore, despite it being one of the most legendary series! We are all a little sad.

Key dates

1. June 20 1986

Birth of Nicola, his twin brother and twin sisters. He comes from a family of four twins who were born at the age of 6 months.

2. June 13, 2014

Nicolas opened his first hairdressing salon. A year later, he was spotted filming at the M6 ​​show, 5 completely different salons.

3. 2019

Her personality and energy earned her a special place on the Incredible Transformations team as a hair expert.

4. Friday May 13

He published his first book with Solar. You have an appointment ? Offers tips and advice on hairstyle, makeup and crazy look (€19.95).

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Interview by Sarah Levy

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