Inside the World of Jonathan Van Ness: An Interview with the Queer Eyes Star

We discovered him as a beautician on an amazing reality show Queer Eye. Since then, to our delight, he has been multiplying projects at high speed! Author, podcast and show host Getting curious with Jonathan Van Nessan amateur gymnast, has added JVN to his resume, a new healthy and holistic hair collection.

Tell us all about it!

What prompted you to launch your hair brand?

First, the fact that I’ve been a hairdresser for 15 years and have a passion for good products. With JVN, I wanted to create something unique that would fill a gap in the current hair care offering. Then, all my life, I’ve seen people suffer because they didn’t think they were beautiful. I wanted to change this culture of beauty that makes us feel bad about ourselves to turn it into a way to celebrate who we are.

Hemisqualane is the main component of JVN. We find it in all of your products! What’s so special?

I always say it’s Beyoncé’s ingredients, because they are the best! “Hemi” means “half,” so it’s half a molecule of squalene, derived from sugar cane. Being very soft, it penetrates deeply into the hair and makes it stronger, shinier and moisturizes well. It’s an excellent choice for silicone, which is known to give hair a healthy look, but is – in fact – not only beneficial, but also risks exacerbating split ends and dryness issues.

What role has your hair played in your personal journey and identity?

I have very curly hair, and for a long time I had the impression that I had no right to think about my appearance, to learn how to style my hair, even if there was a desire. When I attended cosmetology school, I dyed my hair every color imaginable. I definitely need some attention! And since my early twenties, I’ve been wearing them for a long time, as I’ve always wanted to. It will continue like this until I go bald, which is genetically likely. As for taming my curls, I think it really happened along with JVN, testing formulas a million times and trying different techniques.

You’ve also decided to rank your products by hair interests and not by hair type. why?

Through my years of experience as a hairstylist, I’ve come to realize that no matter if our hair is straight, wavy, curly or super curly, it either needs hydration, volume, or elasticity. That’s why I developed Nurture, Embbody, and Undamage, three lines of interchangeable shampoo and conditioner.

What does your hair styling routine look like?

Today, for example, I didn’t want to use hot tools. So I applied the Instant Renewal Serum to my entire hair, parted it in the middle and made two braids. Four hours later, before undoing them, I smeared them with air-dry cream and then combed them through with my fingers. I finished coating my tips with Nourishing Glow Drops. There you go, great looking, no heat.

JVN Hair is available online at Sephora.

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