How often should you cut your hair?

How often should you cut your hair? Getty Images

When should you cut your ends to preserve the beauty of hair and make it grow faster? Hairdressers reveal the perfect rhythm to adopt.

On average, our hair grows 1 to 2 cm per month. This number varies from person to person depending on our lifestyle and the care we give to our hair on a daily basis. Hairstylists agree that a little brushing is necessary after a certain amount of time: “To keep hair healthy, the ideal method is to keep your hair cut every three to four months.” , advises Gianni Cuba, hairstylist and founder of R’Factory salon in Paris.

Depending on our hair texture, hair styling habits, and desired look, we brush between 1.5cm and 3cm per appointment. “If you want to remove only what is damaged and let the lengths grow, you can cut about 1cm to 1.5cm,” the specialist continues, specifying that “on long or medium length hair, with a straight cut, the regrowth will be less noticeable.” of damaged short hair.”

a matter of style

On the other hand, “the more the cut is done and styled, the more often you need to go to the salon so that it “agees the look” well,” he adds. This is just as true with regard to shorter haircuts that require more regular maintenance.” Growth is less aesthetic in this type. of poetry. It should be readjusted more seriously, every 6 to 8 weeks if possible ”, recommends Gianni Cuba. “When wearing a very short haircut, the frequency does not depend on the health of the hair. “It’s a story of looks and style, and it’s very personal,” adds David Lucas, hairstylist and founder of the salon that bears his name in Paris.

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healthy regrowth

According to an urban legend, the more you cut your hair, the faster it will grow back. In truth, this will not lead to sudden and extreme growth … However, this cleansing does help to keep hair healthy and thus promote healthy hair regeneration: “Hair tends to get frizzy and frizzy, especially at the tips due to friction with clothing. The fact that they are cut regularly makes It is possible to avoid this and, accordingly, the hair grows stronger, ”confirms Gianni Cuba.

For those wishing to reduce the frequency of the process to a minimum, experts recommend treating it at least twice a year, after summer and winter, in order to clear the affected limbs and any small thorns. Other factors that can increase the frequency of cutting: stress from hair brushing and the high temperatures of styling tools. These procedures can erode the cortex (the outer layer) and make strands brittle and prone to split ends.

Take care of your advice

Since confinement, some have begun clipping their tips themselves in the bathroom. If the idea is tempting, Gianni Cuba advises against using them, “especially because the quality of the scissors’ blade is of real importance. Scissors that have not been maintained or adapted will spoil the tips, like cutting a sheet of paper with plastic scissors. It’s fuzzy or regular,” he warns.

David Lucas is more moderate in the question: “You can ask a smart friend to cut the tips, if the hairstyle is straight and classic,” he says before recalling that “the haircut is still professional, so it’s best to call the hairdresser if you don’t want it to be.” You have any nasty surprises.” On our own responsibility.

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