Elizabeth Moreno: The daughter of the former minister was tried in a drug smuggling case

The daughter of the former Minister Commissioner for Equality between Women and Men, Elizabeth Moreno, finds herself in a bad situation. Anais S. She was on trial for a cocaine smuggling case, reports Le Parisien.

Daughter of former Minister Elizabeth Moreno in turmoil. This 31-year-old mother was on trial along with her husband, a suspect To import cocaine from Martinique, this Thursday in court. While Anais S.’s mother, who hides her right eye with her hair, was campaigning for the legislative elections, her daughter found herself in the dock at Evry Corcorune Assize Court in Essonne, reports say. Paris.

Justice accuses Anis S. He fails to justify the resources that go with his lifestyle When she married a drug dealer, the presiding judge said that she and her husband would be tried. His wife, William E., has severe accusations against him. According to the newspaper, he is being tried on charges of importing cocaine and cannabis from Martinique to Essonne, where the couple reside.

The trial will start in July

According to the prosecutor, the daughter of Elizabeth Moreno, who called on her colleague to “apologise”, will ” Take advantage of the traffic by William E., which means she would have profited from the money from drug imports. His life partner has already been punished by the courts with 3 years imprisonment for his participation in a criminal association and money laundering linked to drug trafficking.

The trial was adjourned in July so that the two defendants could prepare their defences. The minister’s daughter wants to bring a bank statement. “It is necessary to produce these readings for you during the prohibition period,” Presents his attorney, I’m Sarah Moger Polillac. My client has a surprising career path, she is a qualified young woman who is fully integrated into working life and her mother is a minister. As for William E., if he played a role in drug smuggling, he is not a major dealer. Above all, he fights to earn a living by combining several jobs. »

Currently, Anais S. and William E. They have been placed under judicial supervision pending trial Which will be held in July. No marking obligation has been formalized.

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