Career Dating: “It seems amazing to me to find myself in front of the students”

“sschool teacher? It’s the left lane, miss! “Glasses scrunched up over her nose and hair neatly tied together, Kiara, 25, presents this Thursday, June 2, at the Palaiseau International School (Eason) reception. Like 600 other candidates, the young woman is about to give one of 1,800 quick interviews (thirty minute) is on the agenda of the Academy of Versailles this week.The operation, called “Job Dating” (or “Recruitment Days”) organized by the First Academy in France (over a million students) has a simple goal: to hire 2,035 contract workers – including 700 teachers Elementary, 600 in college and high school—which she lacks, at the moment, to start the school year in September.

“Jury [deux membres du personnel de l’Éducation nationale, professeurs ou conseillers pédagogiques, NDLR] He advised me to start watching the program. Hope this is a good sign! Kiara smiles, leaving her interview. With a master’s degree in foreign languages, the young woman has been “dreaming” of becoming a teacher of Italian, her native language, for many years. And if she “intends to pass the competition one day”, the “chance” to make it in September “was very good”, not the attempt. She will receive notification within fifteen days, after which, perhaps, she will be called for a second interview with an inspector.

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Looking for a job after years in the print industry, Pierre, 42, graphic arts graduate, more confident: “I know I can come in handy! Passionate about history, which he would like to teach, says: “I make college kids do their homework, so teaching kids Don’t scare me…” Excitement is evident Thursday morning in the vicinity of the ten classrooms asking for this waltz of exchanges. But an event that also highlights the teacher shortage and the urgency the institution faces is dividing the profession.

On the other hand, the Rue de Grenelle provokes a “mechanical drop” in the number of winners after the reform of the capes competition came into effect, which now requires 2-5 Masters of competitions (German, Classics, Modern Letters, Physics – Chemistry and Mathematics), in 2022, Less qualified vacancies were qualified (iFrap). But most teachers’ unions see this massive resort to contracting as a “help tool” in the face of a profound crisis in the professions.

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“If the Versailles Academy is to make a way out of this employment crisis, this process must not become a model,” expressed Stephane Crochet, General Secretary of the SE-Unsa Teachers’ Union. The use of contracts is not new in civic education [il concernait jusqu’alors 20 % des professeurs] And it could also just be a stage, before the competition,” advocates Jerome Burne Brancheau, Academic Director at Essonne, who remembers “masters level privilege” [un bac + 3 et un master 2 sont respectivement requis pour les contractuels des premier et second degrés] “.


“It is not about hiring time, the interview is the first step before establishing a year-round support and training system [via des modules et du tutorat] The challenge will be “training these new contract workers,” asserts Stefan Crochet, who, like many of his peers and parents of students, is concerned about the varying level of these new recruits.” Because there is a gap between wanting to be A teacher and the ability to teach…”

“We are very vigilant on this point,” says Valerie, in a rare moment of calm, responsible for receiving these candidates. A “responsibility” for this Educational Consultant – Kindergarten and Elementary Contractual Aspirants have only one interview. “It’s not about recruiting at any cost,” she says. After reviewing the resume with a fine-tooth comb, we make sure that they have a genuine desire to send, that we feel they can run a class and that they know a minimum of how the education system works. […] Doubt is more appreciated than certainty, for it is a profession in which one is constantly learning! »

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From suspicion to reservation, there’s only one step… “I must admit, I find myself in front of the students in September seems to me stunned…”, muttered before her appointment Camille, 38, town hall employee, conservatory graduate in classical guitar who came to try her luck as a music teacher.

From her interview, I came out even more skeptical: “The jury directed me to vocational high school, the subject of marketing and communication. We don’t pretend to be able to teach it … “

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