19-year-old Alina underwent surgery on the sleeve at 135 kg: “I can no longer look at myself in the mirror, it is a rebirth”

Alina, 20, underwent sleeve surgery at St Clotilde clinic last December with a weight of 135 kg. In a few months, the young woman lost 42 kg. Today, Alina explains to us that undergoing this process is not easy and it is a “step towards a new life”.

Quantum process: certification.

Us, 19 years and 135 kg

Alina is a young woman of 20 years. With a weight of 135 kg, I decided to learn more about the sleeve process. According to Reunion University Hospital, a longitudinal gastrectomy or “sleeve” is a surgical procedure that is usually performed during a 3- or 4-day hospital stay and consists of removing a large portion of the stomach from obese patients.

“I knew this process had been around for 3 years. It clicked because I can no longer look in the mirror or go shopping or even dress as I want. It’s also for my health and then at my age I didn’t want to waste my life‘, she explained.

Basic requirements

You do not have an overnight sleeve operation. There is a complete physical and mental preparation for patients, for example, it is recommended that the body mass index (BMI) (Body Mass Index) be greater than 35. As a reminder, the so-called “normal” BMI is between 18 and 25.

“I had the operation on December 21, 2021 in the Sainte-Clotilde clinic. My weight is more than 135 kg. 6 months after the operation, I lost more than 42 kg. Today I feel great, I am learning to love myself again, it is a rebirth “, declare.

“It’s not a miracle process.”

Sleeve operation is intended for people who want to lose weight. But there are effects after surgery (which occur after surgery):

“With this operation, I can no longer eat or drink as before. I am taking vitamins because my body has changed dramatically after losing weight. I get tired very quickly and have lost some hair. I think all the people who have had this surgery really regret it.” over the first month because they learn how to eat and drink for example. I would like to point out that this process is not a magic wand”as you say.

The young woman does not regret the operation, which is her rebirth. If people want to know more about the sleeve process, they should first consult their GP.

Matteo Pato Parvedi

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