15 years in prison wanted for ‘not crazy’ ex-teacher, tried for raping vulnerable people

On Thursday, a fifteen-year prison sentence was sought against former teacher Gabriel Lawson, “Sex-obsessed leader” He was tried in Lower Atlantic Court on charges of rape and abuse of vulnerability.

The Public Prosecutor requested a fifteen-year criminal prison sentence combined with a partial confounding of ten years with a previous ruling on similar facts in 2017 by the Ile-et-Villains Criminal Appeals Court. Gabriel Lawson was arrested in 2011.

During his arguments, the attorney general referred to
‘desire to dominate’ man “Not crazy”whose gender is a An obsession behind his entire system.. Four followers of the “University of Nature and Ecology of Relationship,” three women and a man, accuse its founder of sexual assault and rape, provoking blows and humiliation.

The 82-year-old former teacher, with white hair combed back and a small beard, who has appeared since Monday, denounced from the dock Lying culture.He explained in a hoarse voice that he only had consensual sex. When asked during the tongue-in hearing he was going to impose on one of the victims, Gabriel Lawson shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t get off, it was to teach him how to do it. I didn’t enjoy it”He says.

About a former follower accusing him of inserting a finger into her vagina without her consent, he responds calmly:
“There is no sexual activity for that.” According to him, this “exploration” practice “during treatment” Which this woman would have approved was supposed to treat “Breathing problems”.

“Little Soldier”

Former comrade Gabriel Lawson, who was tried for complicity and acquitted during the first trial, this time on the civil court panel. Julie Baschett, 48, explains that she suffered an injury
“brainwashing” It was for five years“sex slave” by Gabriel Lawson. ‘You’ve become a real little soldier’she remembers between crying.

On her head, her arms crossed behind her back, she tells that Gabrielle Lawson’s hands passed under her dress and over her chest.
“The initiative”then“control” for a man to make Cut off the dialogue with society.. With a trembling voice, describing extremely violent sodomy “tear it”. formulations “Judas fell”The accused was swept up during his interrogation.

When the boss asked him if he used condoms during group sex and outings at swingers clubs, he replied: “To do what?”


The former teacher of Gardens of Life, listed as a denomination by the Parliamentary Committee on Denominations in 1995, Gabriel Lawson subsequently founded the University of Relationship Nature and Ecology, which as a research group trained the Masters of Health through various courses.

For his future followers, Gabriel Lawson gave a first audition session in Morocco. The “initiative” continued with a three-week stay in Costa Rica or Spain with a payment of €10,000. Then came a 72-day course on penance and group sex. One of the complainants claims that he suffered during the period of residence “Punitive sodomy” It was perpetrated by followers with sex toys but orchestrated by Gabriel Lawson.
“It was a whole process of seeing myself as a victim. In those years, I probably had sex with people who felt coerced”The young man said his head down.

When he entered “university” at the age of twenty, he made it clear that he felt it
“Honoring” to be a part of “Little Elite” Which made him feel like On the bright side, as in The Lord of the Rings.. young man contracted “Five or six loans” In five years to fund lessons and accommodation. “Lawson pulled people out, it was an abyss.”

A verdict is expected on Thursday evening.

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