10 Banning Habits According to Hairstylist Nicola Waldorf

Hairstylist and make-up artist at the hit show Incredible transformationsbroadcast on M6, Nicholas Waldorf I just signed the first the book for solar versions, You have an appointment ?. this is A practical guide to hairdressing It is intended for both men and women and can follow you for the rest of your life.

“No hairstylist has issued a manual explaining to clients how to go about without them. They don’t want to reveal their secrets, because the goal is for the client to come back. Except during Covid, I found people who didn’t.” “I don’t know each other, they call me in a panic, Because they didn’t know what suited them. I said to myselfIt’s not possible, we can’t leave people like thisNicholas Waldorf says: So I wanted to make a book of bible containing everything I had stored in my 20 years of career.”

The purpose of this book? Everyone can find it. The hairdresser star delivers there Keys to getting to know you bettergain self-confidence, apply correctly Colors And share with you too Tips for taking care of your hair If you are unable to go to the hairdresser every month.

“Hair is really someone’s potential. It’s what surrounds the face, so, It’s the first thing we look at, confirms Nicola Waldorf. And this is what can change the face: it can smooth the features, feminine, smooth … Today, it is important and we can see it. All the big stars are hanging out with their hairstylists. For me, it is so important to take care of your hair, that I had to share all my advice at any cost.

Hair: 3 tips from Nicola Waldorf for choosing the right hairstylist

For Nicola Waldorf, the choice of hairdresser is not done by chance. Before you leave your hair in his hands, there are several criteria to consider if you do not want your date to turn into a disaster.

“Indeed, with the hairdresser, there should be a feeling: you have to feel trust Since the beginning. He will take care of you, with your head, so he should be the one you feel really good with,” says our expert.

In addition, the image conveyed by the hairdresser is equally important. “If you notice that my hairdresser is pretty, but he was Unable to bragI tell myself he won’t be able to fix me either. For me, this is very important. We are an example, we should be nickel. I am not saying that I am perfect every day, but I am very careful about what I wear, and what I convey as an image,” adds Nicholas Waldorf.

“Finally, if you’ve got someone messing with your hair for two hours and it doesn’t seem inspired, run away! (laughs) Above all else, you shouldn’t stay. When the hairstylist starts Something he has no control overYou’re pretty sure it won’t be perfect. You don’t have to be a victim. All too often you see the massacre happening and you remain paralyzed. Listen to your instincts ! “.

And because taking care of your hair also includes your everyday habits, Nicholas Waldorf shares 10 signs to keep away from the beauty of hair as long as possible. preview in Pictures.

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