What haircut to purify your face?

A haircut that purifies the face, is possible! Say goodbye to your chubby cheeks with the advice of Sandrine Ruhlmann, spokeswoman for L’Oréal Professionnel hairstylist.

There is a whole set ofTips to improve your face. Finding the perfect haircut is one of them. So short, square or long hair cut, what looks do you prefer to create the illusion of a slimmer face? First, the hairdresser should work on the cut and color. It will be necessary to create tailor-made pieces to improve the assets and reduce small defects.

1. Short haircut for a round face

The short cut that is released at the nape of the neck gives way to a perfectly round face because we will come to open the head port. So we will gain height. To maintain maximum femininity and diversify hairstyles, we keep the length and volume at the top of the head.

2. An attached hairstyle to lengthen the face

Zippers are also very clever to elongate the face. We can leave it in a ponytail for example but without flattening the hair. Instead, opt for a casual hairstyle with some small locks to frame the face. A knot bun or braid should also be adopted without hesitation.

3. A luscious wavy blowdry

It is absolutely essential to avoid getting smooth hair like chopsticks. We simply and simply forget about smooth brushing and prefer soft waves. For example, we adopt the middle corrugation which consists of keeping the roots flat and initiating the corrugation on the half-lengths.

4. Color manipulation to reduce curves

Like makeup, hair contour will balance and trim volumes if necessary. Dark colors will reduce the size of the face while light color, through scanning or light effects, will increase and magnify the size of the face. We open at the roots while applying shaded areas to the lengths to frame the face.

5. Choose the right bangs style

The tip can be completely improved if it is chosen well. We go with straight or very short bangs and prefer curtain, very flexible or even side-locking bangs to play with asymmetry.

6. Layered cut according to hair thickness

If you have thick hair, you can part the sides which gives the shape of a cut that lengthens the silhouette. If you have fine hair, keep the length but cut back only at the top to keep the sides thicker.

7. Maintaining your heights, is it possible?

You can choose a medium-length square that marries roundness but preferably has a fringe or wick. To maintain long hair, it will be necessary to break it. The deteriorating effect will be performed on the top of the head for a diamond cut that allows for shorter sections to increase volume. This specifically avoids very flat roots and stuff that piles up on the sides because they necessarily thicken the lower part of the face. To improve, you always need a triangle vertex at the bottom and bring the corners on top.

Thanks to Sandrine Ruhlmann, spokeswoman for L’Oréal Professional Hairstylist, for her advice

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