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Tala Doreth was a human with brown hair and black eyes from the time of the Galactic Empire. She initially participated in the imperial army, and rose through the ranks to become an officer. But she realized that the real goal of the empire was not to achieve peace. exactly the contrary. Then Tala decided to join a secret organization called the Passage to help those seeking to escape from the imperial system.

In -9, it was in Mapuzu, the middle edge mining realm under imperial control, thus allowing many people to relocate the jabeim to gain a new identity and thus change their lives away from the empire. Tala used her officer’s uniform to go unnoticed through the local garrison and act like this. One day, she receives a letter from Haga Estri, a member of her Daiyu-based organization, who sends her ex-Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and young Leia Organa, who are pursued by investigators.
While they are frozen at an Imperial Checkpoint in Mapuzu, the young woman arrives on a military transport with four Stormtroopo soldiers. Soldiers at the scene were shot by a man armed with a detonator, accompanied by a young girl. While the Stormtroopers accompanying the officer were targeting the individual, Tala blasted them all with SE-14 cannons, saving those she was supposed to help in the process.

Next, Tala Doreth drove her subjects into town and then to a repair shop, where she introduced them to a trail carrier called the NED-B. While changing into a secret room hidden behind a shelf, Tala said that the organization she belonged to had smuggled those they were sent to the Jabim to get a new identity. She added that my grandfather had been through the driveway before and that one of them, Quinlan Foss, helped them from time to time.

But, Darth Vader and the Inquisitors suddenly arrived with imperial reinforcements and began searching the city. Forced to come forward with the departure of two of her new subjects, Tala called the captain of the ship supposed to take them to safety and informed him of the situation. When Vader approaches, Obi-Wan pleads with the young woman to bring Leia back to Alderaan while he takes care of leading the Dark Lord away.
But on the way back to the ship, Leia sensed that Tala did not want to abandon Kenobi to her fate and assured her that she could continue on her own. The rebel reconsidered her steps and managed to reach the place of the confrontation between the two former grandparents in a quarry. While Obi-Wan was in a bad situation, tortured by his student and friend, Tala took a position at a height and shot an Imperial soldier before shooting a flammable substance spilled during the fight. Thus a wall of fire prevented Vader and his men from reaching the seriously injured Obi-Wan. Tala rushed to the aid of the wounded with the help of a NED-B that he carried. Oddly enough, Vader let them go. But, a very nasty surprise had been waiting for them ever since they met Third Sister Leah.

Tala Dorth

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