Our 8 tips to reduce the impact of pollen and allergies in the Loiret region

“I feel like my eyes are magnets. I can’t walk three steps down the street without pollen sticking to it. Are you then surprised to have a lot of eye infections or allergies…”

The most severe symptoms this year

Julie from Orleans translates the feelings of the many victims of this spring scourge. Runny nose, throat irritation, sneezing, watery eyes… Symptoms that are, mild, only annoying, but Which turns spring tracks into a real obstacle course probably.

So far, this is it grass pollen Who are enemy number one.

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Two years ago, people could barely leave their homes. And last spring, many were still wearing masks. Living creatures have not often been exposed to it. It reduces tolerance. Perhaps that’s why symptoms are more severe in many people.”

Orleans Pharmacist (empty)

Some precautions
will allow you
To reduce the disaster

1. Do not hang the laundry outside Hanging laundry outside is tempting, as sunny days return. But it does give pollen the opportunity to stick to damp fabrics. So you have to promote indoor drying.

2. Wear glasses and hats Sunglasses and sun hats not only protect against excessive heat and light. It also prevents pollen from reaching sensitive eyes and hair.

3. Dry your hair Wet hair will easily hold pollen floating in the air. After showering or swimming, it would be best to dry them carefully.

4. Wash your hair at night Again, hair is one of the weak points of allergies. After a day outside where pollen has accumulated, remember to rinse your hair before you go to bed.

5. Put on the mask Two years after contracting Covid, you now have masks at home. Even if you’re not in the crowd, wearing them when walking around, especially if the weather is nice and you’ve seen pollen fly off, won’t be necessary.

6. Ventilate your home too early or too late Pollen begins to be released into the air as soon as the sun rises. So it’s too early in the morning or too late in the evening to open your windows.

7. Close the car windowsYes: Even if it’s very hot in the car, keeping the windows closed prevents you from getting vaccinated.

8. Keep the air conditioning onDo you have air conditioning? It must be preserved so that it does not become contaminated with allergens or molds. In addition, note that too cold temperature aggravates allergic rhinitis …

Lify air, a startup out of Orleans, prepares to fight pollen allergy in real time

Caroline Buzek

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