Macron’s urgency, Sarkozy’s star, and Hidalgo’s return

We are 11 days away from the first round of legislative elections and Emmanuel Macron begins the election campaign.

Macron in the face of emergencies

After weeks of waiting, he left the Elysee. Emmanuel Macron has long monopolized government appointments and nominations for legislative elections, on Tuesday, with the first leg of his second five-year term. Thus, the head of state set foot in the electoral campaign, and went to the Cherbourg Center Hospital, on a visit dedicated to the Arab Republic of Egypt. ‘systematic crisis’ from the health sector. Accompanied by the new Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, he confirmed his determination at all “From July” The main health conference promised in his presidential election platform. At least 120 emergency services are forced to limit their activity or are preparing to do so, due to a lack of sufficient staff.

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‘Accident imminent’: Gynecologists worried about ‘unexpected closure’ of maternity wards this summer

Darmanin was accused of lying

The larger it is, the less it passes? The interior minister is in turmoil, four days after the chaotic management of the Champions League final at the Stade de France. Gerald Darmanen has been singled out for asserting that at least “30,000 to 40,000 English fans ended up in the Stade de France, either without tickets or with fake tickets”. For their part, the French Football Federation and UEFA, the governing body for European football, made an assessment “800 2” the number Scanned counterfeit banknotes Saturday.

Chaos at the Stade de France: shame beyond borders

Gerald Darmanen is a “Pathological lie”, Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally (RN), charged over France Inter. On the left, Adrien Koatenins, deputy of La France Insoumise (LFI), criticized a minister “Unable to manage the safety of events and the general calm”. After the controversy, Gerald Darmanen and Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera will be heard in the Senate on Wednesday.

One day, one circo: in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Marie-Caroline, and the other in Le Pen in the countryside

Every day, “l’Obs” takes you to a major constituency. Today, a comeback story for Marie-Caroline Le Pen. The eldest daughter of the founder of the National Front (FN, renamed RN in 2018), long banned from the clan, was everywhere present at her sister’s side during the presidential elections. follower” More intimate feminine, like choosing an outfit ” And the ” Agenda questions ‘, which makes sure to make it more flexible to avoid a “Burnt”as you say.

“To survive with Le Pens, you have to be a little schizophrenic”: Mary Caroline, the other sister in the country

For the past few weeks, and in her (former) name, she has been leading the battle for the National Assembly at Hauts-de-Seine. Should we see in this a personal revenge, twenty-five years after his participation in the Great Sedition? The former outcast doesn’t like acting but she’s back. A central place in the RN is occupied by Marie-Caroline Le Pen, 62: the emotional pillar of Marine Le Pen and wife of Philippe Olivier, the candidate’s chief advisor. Their 23-year-old daughter is also the buddy of Jordan Bardella, the new head of RN and a dolphin appointed to his boss. It is the cornerstone of the naval edifice.

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It is difficult to understand what prompted her to go to Neuilly, that historical stronghold of the Right, which she herself admits is not so.” gift A few days ago, at the Sablons Market, Marie-Caroline Le Pen met the outgoing MP, Constance Le Grape, a Sarkozy supporter newly invested by the presidential majority, in the middle of a draw. The Mukhtar greeted her, saying: I shake hands with you, but in a republican way. »

Sarkozy’s star is fading

“The biggest loser in the presidential election is Sarko!” Confirms the deputy from the right wing rallied in favor of the macro. “For the LR activists who worked in Sarkothon, who bought his books and queued up for signatures, he was betrayed by his lack of support for Pécresse. And in the macro, it doesn’t exist! He invested only a few deputies. He was supposed to form the government, but he doesn’t even have a minister. . »

Echoes indicate that the former head of state had largely advised his successor on the formation of the government…

Sorry to ask Knavu

Before becoming an advisor to Eric Zemmour, Sarah Knavu sympathized with another future presidential candidate, Jean LaSalle. Enarque met the deputy of the Pyrenees Atlantic family on the plane while she was training in the county in Pau in 2018, then invited him to her home in Paris in the evening for. “Free talk”told journalists Ava Jamshidi and François-Xavier Minaj in the enlightening story they dedicate to “the sedition Sarah Knavu” (Robert Lafont).

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Sarah Knafo, Anarchy in the Shadow of Eric Zemmour

“It’s impossible to get there, it’s too late for me”, remembers LaSalle, who wanted to establish political projects with her. Then he will ask the young woman: “Why didn’t you choose me?” A laughing response from the person concerned: “You didn’t ask me!”

The Return of Anne Hidalgo

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A month and a half after her bitter failure in the presidential election, Anne Hidalgo returned to politics on Tuesday during a city council in Paris. Her rival Rashida Dati’s chance of being crushed especially with regards to a 1.7% score. A well-known irony session from the mayor of 7e the town. a look :

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Nursery in LR

Also of note in the political news: Compiegne Mayor Philippe Marigny (Les Républicains) was placed in police custody on Tuesday as part of a corruption investigation, related to the award of a public contract in the waste treatment sector.

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