Here’s how to wear this ’90s star hairstyle this summer without mistakes!

What haircut should you bet this summer to be on top of hair trends for the coming months, but also to welcome the heat wave in the cold? Have you run out of ideas? Don’t panic because our editors offer you a retro style that you can adopt and close your eyes! So, are you brave enough to wear the 2022 women’s mullet dress that never stops seducing celebrities? What is it exactly? How is it approved and can it be designed? Which trendy color do you choose? Answer all your questions in the following paragraphs!

The mullet cut is back in fashion: what exactly is it?

Before revealing all the little details about the 2022 women’s haircut, let’s first explain exactly what it contains. Straight from the ’90s, the women’s mullet cut was revisited and took hair trends in 2022. It features shorter hair on the top and sides and longer hair in the back. Fashionable mullet haircut offers many variations and allows to achieve different types of bangs in order to satisfy the preferences of all girls. In 2022, fashion designers wear it in a bold and colorful way! to focus.

Why do you adopt the women’s mullet cut summer 2022?

Why choose the 2022 summer mullet for Miley Cyrus blonde hair

Our editors give you two good reasons to embrace trendy mullet haircuts in summer 2022. First, this hair style has been hugely popular in recent years and has seduced many celebrities including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Ursula Corbero. And if you want to change up your look and welcome the warm season with a new hairstyle, the mullet cut is the best option. And secondly, this trendy hairstyle, especially its shorter version, is perfect for hot summer days. Also, you can customize it according to your preference. So, wait no longer and find out how to wear the star’s haircut for Summer 2022 in the following paragraphs and get inspired by our sexy photo ideas!

Rihanna cuts out the way she wears a mullet in summer 2022

As for summer 2022 hairstyle trends, we’ve noticed vintage styles are making a comeback on the hair scene. The mullet cut is no exception. But how exactly do you wear it to stay on top of the 2022 trends? Here are some popular suggestions to choose from.

Bold Girls Episode

mullet 80 haircut summer 2022 shaved sides

As mentioned above, the female mullet cut will go boldly in 2022. Here’s one of the clues above: very short bangs and light shaved sides showcase the longer hair in the back.

How about a mullet cut for women with curly hair?

A mullet cut curly hair for a woman how to wear summer 2022

Can I adopt a mullet cut if I have curly hair? Yes, of course ! This women’s haircut with bangs is suitable for all hair types, as well as all body types. However, do not forget to apply styling spray to better tame your hair.

Do you dare to cut the mullet too short?

mullet cut modern woman flaming coloring undercut version

This is a proposal for the most daring among you. In addition to the bright coloring, this mullet cut comes in its shortest version by merging with a woman’s lower cut.

Which color do you choose?

The mullet cut is back in summer 2022 with the trendy hair color of Miley Cyrus

If you want to spice up your mullet cut, there are several options available in terms of coloring. Among the trendy hair colors 2022 are some shades that you should adopt with your eyes closed. These include such classic shades as platinum blond, warm chestnut, etc. By the way, the effect of ombré and balayage are two other options to consider.

Short mullet hairstyles, bold hair color 2022

Do you have a bold soul? No problem because lavender, pink or violet colors are also available. What about a head that reflects all the colors of the rainbow?

Our hot ideas in pictures to discover for sure!

How to wear a mullet for summer women's hairstyles 2022 Hair trends

Spiral mullet cuts can be worn without any worries

Trendy woman haircut curly mullet blonde coloring hairstyle

Woman haircut with voluminous bangs and full of life

Women's haircut with mullet bangs Hairstyle trends summer 2022

Zendaya sure knows how to style a mullet

Women's haircut with thick bangs modern mullet summer 2022 Zendaya

Neon green accents on the sides for boldly adopting a mullet

Fashionable mullet summer woman hair cut hairstyle 2022 bold green coloring style

Fashionable Summer Woman Haircut Idea

Fashionable mullet summer woman haircut hairstyle 2022

Actress Barbie Ferreira also chose Summer 2022

Barbie Ferrera Barbie Ferrera

Ursula Corbero is probably a big fan of the mullet cut

Trendy mullet cut summer 2022 trendy hairstyle ideas Ursula Corbero

The modern women’s mullet is available in blond color

Trendy mullet cut summer 2022 modern ideas for short blonde hair

Curly hair + mullet cut: the perfect combination for finer hair

mullet haircut woman curly hair woman haircut 2022

2022 Women’s Mullet Cut Gothic Edition

The mullet story is back in fashion in the summer of 2022

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