Free skating champion Manon Derin: ‘I really trust myself when I’m on my skate’

Benjamin Royant


She is one of the most famous riders in the rollercoaster world. In 2018 and 2019, she finished first on the FISE World Series Tour, winning the Freestyle Roller World Cup. Last weekend, it finished fifth in the 2022 edition.

“I am 29 years old, I am from Bordeaux and I am an aeronautical engineer.” This is how double free-park world champion Manon Deren presents herself. Surprise? Not much. Because if a young woman is putting her head in the clouds when she’s drawing rocket launchers in a mechanical design bureau, she’s also putting her feet on the ground when her sleds are sliding on the asphalt. In 2018 and 2019, Manon won the World Spinner Cup at the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) in Montpellier. Manon Derin is one of the elite in her sport, and she started skating 15 years ago: “The first time I saw a girl with skates on her feet, that was the trigger, she says. I felt like I was doing things other people wouldn’t. In my class she was very original. “.

To be free, to ride with your friends, to be felt in the wind, without a teacher or a stream, what a happiness for a teenager! Since that day, the young woman has nurtured her passion, and has remained so attached to the pleasure that this demanding and risky discipline affords her. Much more important than competition in his eyes: the feeling of extreme freedom and collective spirit. Forcing yourself to perform tricks or even do a session without your friends is out of the question. Far from being happy, her sport allows her to express herself: “I really trust myself when I get on my sledge, as she puts it. I am someone else.”

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It was only a year after the competition began that Manon saw her first results with a few small podiums, but in March 2013 she was seriously injured. A cruciate ligament tear in his knee prevented him from wearing skis for about a year. However, this ordeal enabled her to come back stronger: “Before the Crusaders, I was young and did not talk to each other,” she said. But with the rehab, I got really stronger and felt better on the skates afterwards. And so, a few years later, the Frenchwoman became a two-time world champion: “Winning at FISE is huge,” she declared. But what is his secret? balance. The safety and fluidity of his skateboarding is a major asset.

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Despite her training as an engineer in structural computation and composites, who nonetheless has obvious bridges with mechanical sports like snowboarding, she has never had the opportunity to connect the two fields: “I often argue with a friend who designs skate parks. It excites me and would be something I would like to do. truly. “. But the goal today is first of all to maintain her level, because Manon does not feel as competent as before: “I am less young in spirit and constantly want to improve myself,” she assumes. However, she still shows her desire to represent women and the values ​​of her sport in the future. “There are many urban sports where girls are less present,” Manon notes with a determination to support this development, participating directly or indirectly in the progressive structuring of her sport. So, she dared to dream: to see, one day, her discipline enter the Olympics … “Skating has its full place there,” he asserts to the young woman forcefully.

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