Captain Marvel Cosplay Gives Carol Danvers a Victorian Makeover

as such Captain MarvelCarol Danvers has taken on many identities and costumes to go along with it – but a recent cosplay from a Captain Marvel fan proves Danvers still has plenty of places to travel. The character has a long history. Captain Marvel has lost and gained strength many times (and often changes her clothes each time). Where he didn’t take the Marvel Danvers book, adventurous cosplayers do so with their own business.

Carol Danvers first became a superhero under the Ms. Marvel moniker (having previously been a supporting character in the original Captain Marvel book). Having lost her powers to Rogue, she becomes Binary (now her own entity in the Marvel Universe) and Warbird before becoming Mrs. Marvel for the second time. In 2012, she finally received the name Captain Marvel and held this rating for more than a decade. Carol easily became Marvel’s most famous captain, even inspiring Kamala Khan to take the title of Mrs. Marvel for herself.

Famous Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers inspires many fan cosplay efforts, and one user on took on the challenge. This cosplay’s latest creation dubbed “Aknie” transforms Carol Danvers into a 19th-century city woman in a Victorian-style dress from the era of the same name. Here every aspect of Danvers’ modern costume has been executed with a retro touch: Carol’s belt, the vertical yellow “V” belt down her neck, and the blue, red and yellow color scheme, common to Paragon heroes such as Superman and Captain Marvel. .

Even Carol’s Mohawk hair, which is usually seen growing out of her helmet, has been modernized from the old school. Akin chose to refer to the fiery hair with a bright yellow feather in his hat (also red, echoing Danvers’ helmet). A delicate comics necklace, red gloves, and even a matching purse (which also matches the era’s purse design) complete the look. Cosplays that take the character backwards rather than forwards are fairly rare, and are the closest Carol Danvers ever to earn a role in historical crossovers such as wonder 1602, Although there are more than 200 years to come.

Aknie cosplay shows that tribute to Carol Danvers is still alive and well. Although the character may get some negative publicity from time to time, Danvers is an incredibly popular hero and a key member of the Avengers, having been a member of the team during writer Jason Aaron. Avengers a path. This is one Captain Marvel cosplay is just one of the many creations her grateful fans have.


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