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How do you massage the scalp? Although fun and sensual, head massage has many advantages to discover as a couple. It’s all about atmosphere and knowledge!

First of all, you should know that the scalp consists of two types of sensors: there are those that react to the surrounding temperature and make the hair stand in place when it is cold, and there are those that communicate with the expression of feelings and make the hair roots respond to it.

A real sensory game

Moreover, the scalp has its own sensors like any other part of the body. Hence, it is great to get a head massage. It can be likened to a sensual game or an introduction to sex.

In fact, this massage can affect many erogenous points. How it works ? You should know that there is no need for oil to perform this massage. However, it is appropriate to put a candle or an incense stick with the essence of a rose, because this flower has always been considered a symbol of carnal love.

It has become in a good mood

It is necessary to create a warm atmosphere, preferably naked people to perform this massage. The fun will increase tenfold. The ideal position: the person who is going to do the massage is sitting on a sofa or armchair, the other person is sitting on the floor, with his back on the legs of the massager. You will need a soft-bristled hairbrush and a wide-tooth comb.

Choose zen music and soft music. Now you can start the massage: take the comb and start detangling your partner’s hair (who closes his eyes), from the forehead to the back of the neck. gently to start. Then toss the person’s hair forward and make movements with the comb in the opposite direction.

like shampoo

Next, the tips of the fingers of the hands rest perpendicular to the forehead, at the height of the eyebrows, then sink and run through the scalp, as if defining the grooves of the working earth. Make digital frictions in a circular fashion, as during shampooing. This manipulation really relaxes all the skin of the skull, eliminating the tension accumulated due to stress. Continue this exercise until the head moves calmly after the movement of your hands. It is enough to do this movement three times.

Then hold the brush and brush gently while maintaining a constant pace and the right amount of pressure. Ask your partner for his opinion to see how he feels. The first time, the sensation is very comfortable.

So orgasm?

Next, use the same brush to “strike” the top area of ​​the head, between the forehead and the top of the head. Some Orientals even believe that this exercise can lead to an orgasm, without any other help, with a little patience and practice. If not, a head massage is in any case an excellent start to a happy ending, and it’s a safe bet that your partner will ask you for more…

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