Zinedine Zidane is his grandfather, the first photo with his granddaughter is causing quite a stir

We often forget that stars have a normal life besides their passion which is often their job. The same applies to soccer players or ex-players. They have families, they are sons or brothers or parents or whatever you want makes up family or friends or animals and does things like normal humans except they are under the spotlight and their outings are often done with the utmost discretion. But they know the joys of “regular people” like going to the movies, eating out, or most importantly giving birth or welcoming a new family member.

And therefore , Zinedine Zidane showed his happiness on social media, being the granddaughter of his son Enzo’s son..


The former star of Juventus, Real Madrid and the Blues This two appeared in a photo with his wife on the Instagram account of his son Enzo, who is thus the happy father of little Sia.. Enzo simply wrote in the caption “Grandpa and Grandma.” And yes, this is the truth…

Enzo will also post another photo on his Instagram account with his wife Karen Gonçalves, a Venezuelan who lives with him in the Spanish capital.

Send her a sweet love letter:How I admire you my life, thank you for bringing our little princess into this beautiful world, thank you for being so brave and strong, thank you for being the best and always by my side, thank you for such a wonderful life together that has just begun. I love you forever“.

Internet users interact

on social networks, Netizens have collectively commented on Zinedine Zidane’s photo with his granddaughter. And so we can read on Twitter and Instagram:

  • ‘His name isn’t Karim then? Lol’
  • “The baby girl has just been born, and she actually has more hair than ZZ ptdrrr. Congratulations to Enzo Zidane anyway…”
  • “Grandpa Zizou….!!!! How time is running out…
  • “Welcome to little Sia Zidane, congratulations to the parents.”
  • “Golden Ball is a female future, congratulations to the parents …”

Therefore, Zinedine Zidane is a happy father and grandfather.

He has been successful in his family life since he has been with his wife for years and therefore now has a granddaughter. On a professional level, it is difficult to do better because we are talking about a world and European champion in selection and in clubs. As a player and coach. And it’s not over. Currently without a contract, he would be interested in taking on Didier Deschamps even if his name often appears alongside PSG. However, he will not have much faith in the club’s project according to the team

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