Will Smith: His wife Jada Pinkett bursts into tears on American TV

This Tuesday, May 31, Jada Pinkett Smith broke down in tears on her show RedTalk By discovering the testimony of a mother whose 12-year-old daughter committed suicide due to hair loss. An illness that Will Smith’s wife knows well.

show guest RedTalkbroadcast on Facebook, Jada Pinkett Smith gives herself no taboo In his film career, Her life as a wife and mother, but also with Will Smith and their intimate relationship. On this same plateau, Willow’s mother and Jaden are captured by her alopecia areata which Make her lose her hair. This Tuesday, May 31, the 50-year-old actress broke down when the testimony of Nikki Paul found out that she had lost her daughter Rio, after taking her own life at just 12 years old due to the same disease. “She had big holes in her headBig bald spots. We tried creams, tried injections, sometimes she did five times a day, but nothing worked … “to the mother of the family, confirming that she wasvictim of bullying School harassment because of her hair loss“.

Dirty naked rat, alien with insect eyes Or even Mr. KleinMany nicknames given to him by his school friends because of his illness. “Three weeks before his death, Ryo was having a really bad day at school and It was this day that changed everything in his head. March 14 (March 14, 2022, the girl ended her life, editor’s note) became the worst day of my life”. Upon hearing his testimony, Jada Pinkett Smith was overwhelmed and couldn’t contain her tears.

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the day that Jada Pinkett Smith has opened up about her illness

Several times, the actress was captivated by her illness. The first time Will Smith’s wife opened up about hair loss was in 2018 on her show. Then it came back to the day she started losing her hair. Just a moment “scary” Occurs while showering: I had a big handful of my hair on my hands. I wondered if I would go bald.” After this painful moment, the actress decided thataccept one’s illness. In 2021, she shared on Instagram a picture of her and her daughter revealing their shaved heads and captioned it: Willow pushed me to do it because it was about time..

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