What results can we expect?

Whatever the factors that caused your hair loss, iron-deficient diet, stressful living environment, hair-styling practices that put great pressure on the scalp, genetic heritage, age…it is now possible to address the situation in a permanent way. Yes, hair transplantation is a revolutionary solution that guarantees an end result with a completely natural appearance. Hair restoration either manually or mechanically will help you overcome baldness.

Not everyone experiences hair loss in the same way; While some people accept it more easily, others are really frustrated to the point of looking down on themselves. Hair transplantation is the best alternative to regain your confidence. Want to take the step, but some questions bother you? You may be wondering if hair transplantation really gives permanent results. Let’s get around the matter.

FUE / FUT Hair Transplant: What results can we expect?

Thanks to technological and scientific advances, hair transplantation is the solution to get thicker hair. It is quite normal to have doubts when you see all the “miracle” products on sale in pharmacies or on the Internet, but they hardly give the expected results. Likewise, whether you are taking medication or using anti-hair loss products, be aware that they will only give you temporary results.

On the other hand, hair transplantation allows you to find a dense and natural hair mass, only a few months after your intervention. What is interesting about hair transplantation is that whatever technique is used, it guarantees permanent results. In other words, say goodbye to your baldness with a cute smile. Take, for example, a patient who chose to do Hair transplantation using the robotic FUE method. He will notice regrowth of the transplanted follicles in the receiving area starting from the fourth month after his intervention. It is still important to specify that the latter will find a well-processed capillary mass at about the twelfth month.

be careful ! It is recommended that you turn to a recognized specialist with the necessary experience to support you in this hair restoration process. If you turn to “low-cost” cosmetic centers, you will have a greater chance of harming the donor area, especially since in most cases, the result is not there. With this in mind, we advise you to browse the surgeon’s webpage to see the before and after photos of his hair procedures. This will allow you to get an idea of ​​the results obtained.

How are the results determined before and after hair transplantation?

The development of a plan for the extraction and transplantation of healthy grafts is determined during your various consultations with your surgeon. As with anything else, dialogue takes precedence. Only through dialogue between the practitioner and the patient can you achieve the desired results. Precisely formulate your request and share your expectations with the surgeon. This is the best way to prepare a scheme that meets your requirements by giving you the best results from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, during your various consultations, the surgeon will draw lines on the recipient area and will simulate several possibilities until you are satisfied at the end of your hair procedure. Moreover, it is also possible to perform a realistic simulation so that you can have a realistic view of the end result.

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