She is 63 years old, and she is looking for love…. “It should be without wrinkles and without gray hair,” is a very special requirement of a star

Madonna is a heart you must take. Ahlamalek Williams, a 28-year-old dancer, shared her life for three years. The duo separated last April. In a single message, the singer shared this rip on her account Instagram : ” Karma said: When someone in your life is not right for you…God will constantly use them to harm you until you are strong enough to let them go. Out of frustration, Madonna is already looking for a new romance.

In an interview with heat worldand spotted it expensivea relative of the singer explains: “ She asked her team to find several suitors for her, after signing a nondisclosure agreement of course And to add: It’s a huge year for Madonna and she wants quality arms to accompany her to events and help her relax backstage. »

And so the star is ready to retell the story, but not with “anyone”. She shared some requirements and criteria to complete her quest. He must be the man who succeeds in seducing her and making her heart beat.” Completely free of wrinkles, gray hair and sagging muscles to have a chance to stand by it The source says: Madonna has no interest in dating someone her same age. “finally:” Thinking about gray hair or wrinkles is a big negative. What you want is a big, hot guy in his late twenties, someone who can keep up with him. »

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Madonna, carried by the wind of youth

Since her divorce from Guy Ritchie in 2008, Madonna has been dating men much younger than her. She trusts this thread in New York Daily News In 2015: ” It happens, just like this. Most men my age are married and have children. not available. I am an adventurous person who lives a crazy life. I am a single mother and have four children. You have to be really enthusiastic and open-minded to want to share my life. And to confirm: Older people already have their habits, and may not be as adventurous as the young ones. »

Thus, she had a love story with Brazilian model Jesus Luz, who is 29 years younger than her, as well as with Brahim Zaibat, who was 28 years younger than her. 36 years separated her from last boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams.

Madonna has been fighting the signs of aging for several years. She is regularly criticized for her rejuvenated appearance that surprises her fans. Plastic surgery changed her face.

In 2019, she gave an interview with Vogue magazine And he takes the opportunity to send a message to those who hate him: “ They always tried to silence me for one reason or another. I was told that I wasn’t pretty enough, that I didn’t sing well enough, that I wasn’t talented enough or tidy enough. And now because I’m not young enough. I find myself fighting ageism because I’m being punished for being 60 “.

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