She changed her appearance, netizens are confused

Felicia : The young woman surprised her channel subscribers by revealing her new look. Unfortunately, many of them did not fully comply…

Felicia: A new look for a new life

A few days ago, Felicia made a strict decision about her future. Indeed, she no longer wanted to do reality TV for a while now. But this time she also announced that she wants to leave France. without aim: settles in Turkey And start a career in acting.

Then Felicia captured: “Anyway friends, I will definitely leave here and live away. Today I learned many things that broke my heart. Coming from relatives whom I loved dearly and whom I trusted and closed my eyes. Today I realized many things, no one can be trusted. Unfortunately, no I can and will not be able to continue to do well.Be good in terms of my health because here I am so meditative, somewhere else, that my health is eating me up. Her recent hospitalization must have been a real blow to the young woman, and it must have contributed to her decision.

Netizens are not validating Feliccia’s new look

This time, if Felicia was talking about it, it was because she decided to change her appearance. More specifically, hair color. The person who was chased by a man in the middle of the night was always very dark and this time She chose some notable blonde. The former candidate, who appreciates this change, shared it on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption: “A small change in my hair, do you like it?”

Felicia: She changed her looks and netizens are confused

No, subscribers don’t really appreciate the change. Among the comments we can read:You look like everyone except yourself“,” I didn’t even recognize you “,” But who are you?? I don’t recognize you “,” Honestly, I preferred before “,” Too many changes kill change! Be more natural. Come on ! “,” Bof.. I could do better “,” It’s a pity you’re better with the brown square “,” I like it, but I still prefer it before. Will Felicia answer them? That remained to be scenes!

Mujdat: If you forgot Felicia, he would have already found love

Mujdat: ORDM candidate and Felicia ended their relationship a few weeks ago. And it seemed that the young man had already been seen next to a woman.

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