Rice water for long and strong hair, Kim Kardashian is a fan of this homemade trick

Do you dream of longer hair but do not know how? Adopt Free Kim Kardashian Advice…

This is a situation you must have already been through! When you have long hair, you stare at the bob styles of your favorite stars. And when you cut your hair, you only dream of one thing: Make it grow faster! It must be said that since Cannes, we have certainty:Long hair is too hot In a 20-year-old woman over 50 years old. Thank you Julia Roberts! What if we told you it was possible Accelerate your hair growth? Unbelievable but real, and for that you will need Just water and rice… Initially the beauty secret of ancestors from Japan, the DIY recipe has since been adopted by network stars and in particular Kim kardashian (itself).

Kim Kardashian loves rice water

you think so The Kardashian family only uses expensive products? Think again! The scoop was revealed on Kourtney’s Poosh blog: Kim kardashian She washes her hair with rice water. And makes her hair grow. They even use the simple water in which the rice is soaked (or cooked). This trick has been simple and free ever since Viral on networks. I must say that Rice water promotes hair growth And to see the singer’s iconic lengths, we want to believe her!

Rice water for hair: does it really work?

If we all knew the kitchen was full of miracle ingredients for our beauty, we could be wondering if This cool trick really works… well according to A A study published in International cosmetic sciences magazineAnd the Already ! Once you bathe in the water, the rice enriches it with it Minerals and vitamins B and E. This water will Promote hair growth and volume And she’s full Antioxidant benefits Which heals the fibers. Besides, she has Detangling action! The cherry on the cake? Thanks to the starches in rice, your hair will be too even smoother. But be careful, thenreal rice water Benefits for hair growthNot all of that magic. It can have drying effects on some hair types, especially frizzy hair. Don’t abuse this homemade water too often. Applying once or twice a month will do the trick. Don’t expect longer hair overnight either. It’s not Rapunzel who wants…

How to prepare rice water for hair?

There are two types of quick and easy preparations:

  1. Cold Soak Rice: Rinse 100g of uncooked rice in clear water. Then put the rice in a bowl of 750ml of water and soak it for at least 30 minutes. Strain and collect the rice water.
  2. Use the rice cooking water: In a saucepan, boil water and add rice. Cook for the time indicated on the package and drain the water from the rice into a clean bowl. (You can then use the rice to make a fresh little salad.)

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