PHOTOS – Kate Middleton, Luanne: Stars’ Favorite Hair Color Trends for Summer 2022

What are the most popular color trends among the stars in Spring/Summer 2022? Warm shades, gourmet brown or sunny blonde? We evaluated with a specialist and take a look at the stars, from Kate Middleton to Marion Cotillard to find the color that will hit the mark!

Every year, in terms of hair dye, we can not say that we are short on materials. He invents and reinvents the same color scheme, to give us fun Change heads at will. If in 2021, The big trend was ash and pastel tonesthis 2022 is working on the return of “classic” nuances like wanting it Reconnect with more nature. This “natural” trend can be seen in stars playing the sobriety card this season, with warm browns like Kate Middleton, or conversely with arctic blondes like Louane. If the colors are renewed, they become more discreet, more intense, warmer …

Do you doubt which shade to choose? Simply refer to your favorite stars so you don’t miss out on color that will brighten you up. surely, Choosing your color also requires common sense It will be necessary to make sure (with a colorist if possible) that it suits you in terms of your skin and hair quality. Weak, soft and lacking vitality hair fibres For example, you will bear much less discoloration! In these cases, we prefer vegetable coloring that also acts as a care.

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The main color trends for spring-summer 2022

We asked to Gianni Cuba, hairstylist, hairdresser and founder of R’Factory Salon To tell us more about the trendy colors that will make our season. For him there is no doubt, it is first and foremosthair glow Whoever wins all the votes. This coloring technique is aimed at lightening the natural base by one to two shades, therefore it is applicable to all hair. Technically, Gianni Cuba announced thatColor is applied from root to tip For a more glam reflection effect. As for its maintenance, nothing is more complicated than the maintenance of classic coloring!

For those looking for a change while avoiding invasive coloring (discoloration, drastic change), gourmet colors There is also high demand this season! Gianni Cuba explainsThese are rather honey, spiced, shimmering shades. The color is applied universally, from roots to ends, like a non-surgical hair varnish. The structure does not change. It dissipates over time (after 6 to 8 weeks) and washing. In fact, it looks like it’s self nailed For the skin and does not require any special care!In the directions panel, The so-called milk colors (Mocha, hot chocolate, matcha tea) are all popular. Principle ? “Plays of contrasts between beige notes: cinnamon beige, golden beige. Added to this are very soft reflections to bring maximum lightness to the face.

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On the star side, what do we fall into?

Gourmet ringtones have definitely been endorsed by the stars with a The clear preference for a copper shade this season ! This is especially the case for Bella Hadid who chose to come in brown to awaken her copper black with copper reflections, while Kendall Jenner simply chose to highlight all of her brown hair with warm copper that brings her plenty of sparkle.

If brown and warm tones are clearly present in a file Top 5 Fashionable ColorsBlonde is not left out! If the wool still please (Seen on Louane Emera), the blonde was also decked out in warm highlights as her honey locks returned. This contrasting technique is called hair carving but also a piece of hair or shade of hair: “We will create a depth from the root with a darker base of at least 3 tonesJust like the actress Camille Razat, relieve all To create an all-over sun effect on hair while maintaining character!

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How do you take care of your colored hair?

Once you find his color, it should be kept to a minimum, just to keep his hair healthy! The perfect routine It will be the mask, shampoo and conditioner. Obviously, in terms of composition, we prefer conditioning treatments designed specifically to restore radiance and strength to colour-treated hair.

Our picks of treatments to follow when you have colored hair: The Nourishing hair repair shampoo From Forville, Which refreshes the color and strengthens the brown. masks Color Shading Treatments From Christopher Robin to revive colors and deeply nourish hair; air conditioner luminous color From Maria Nella 100% vegan, it smoothes, moisturizes, eliminates frizz and protects color; Domain Solaris From Eugene PermaA collection of effective and professional treatments to maintain your blonde hair; masks color renewal From aveda, to restore the shine and smoothness of dyed hair; ylang ylang conditioner From BiocoiffIdeal after coloring that weakens hair, it nourishes the hair fiber and fixes pigments for a better result day after day!

Image credits: Denis Guignebourg/Bestimage

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