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The complete recap in advance of Big Families Lives in TF1’s XXL starting Thursday, June 2, 2022 + music playlist season 5 Episode 52: The Dogs’ Journey in Pépiton Complicated with Florie’s Triplets. Santoros are happy, and they are negative. Audrey Boybisot is five months pregnant, and she’s looking for ideas for first names.

Let’s go get the full recap in advance of the Thursday, June 2, 2022 episode of The life of large families in XXL It airs at 5:40 pm. Spoilers with 3 or 4 families in the spotlight were revealed in episode 52 of season 5 of TF1’s Large Families XXL (see previous episode Large Families XXL from June 1, 2022).

Share your views on Episode 5×52 of Large Family XXL Season 5 Broadcasting on TF1. What is the episode’s music? The large families playlist is available below.

Pavoni’s children are complicated by their hair!

Santoro family: 8 times greater pressure

Camille cleans the house one last time before the big start. Camille is careful not to think about Covid tests.
Camille receives the results of the family’s PCR tests by e-mail, but it is difficult to know who this or that result corresponds to. In the end, everything is fine … everyone is negative, they can go to Canada. Next morning wake up at 4 am!

Santoro family

Negative tests for the entire large Santoro family

The Galle Family: The Family’s Best Friend

Galle's big family

Pepito receives a lot of love from children

The Galle family has a sixth child, Pepito: The dog arrived when Arthur was three. I have followed the entire path of the family. Pepito arrived in the family when he was two months old. Pepito is very kind, he is very patient with children.
Help Tata Flori walk with babies and Bebeto. Maxim is the most attached to the dog, it is clear to him that he should keep him on a leash.

Galle family

The dog sets the mood in Galle

Boibessot family: what is the first name?

Audrey is five months pregnant, and the kids can’t wait to know if she’s expecting a girl or a boy.
Name ideas for kids? Therese, Alex, Augustine, Swann, Noe. First names are not given by chance, they are often associated with the saint or the date on which the first name is celebrated.

Parents love first names: Pépin, Barnabé, Bruno, Vadim, Alix …

boibessot big family

Audrey Boybisot will soon have an ultrasound and find out the gender of the baby

The Pavoni family: boys with long hair

Roman plays the hairdresser at home, taking care of the children. Roman confesses that he loves him. Julian has his hair cut the way he likes it. Gianni has had long hair since he was 4 years old… he doesn’t want to cut it. He doesn’t mind being taken for a girl. Romeo doesn’t want to cut his hair either.
Agnes believes that the most important thing is that children find their balance and are satisfied.

Roman Pavoni

Roman cuts hair at home

Music playlist for Family Large XXL Episode Thursday, June 2, 2022 on TF1

– Joyce Jonathan “You’re Beautiful, You’re Beautiful”
– Jennifer Lopez “Nobody’s Watching (Marry Me)”
– Benee “Marry Myself”
– Vianney “Our Tomorrows”

Kylie Minogue and years and years “Seconds To Midnight” (End Credits – Coming Soon-)

To follow A complete summary of the life of large families at XXL on Friday, June 3, 2022 (Season 5, Episode 53).

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