Marilyn Monroe: 9 Unusual Facts You Should Know About Her Beauty Routine

From her red lips to her platinum curls, Marlin Monroe It was and still is the ultimate bomb. The beauty icon par excellence, she made glamor her trademark and continues to inspire us today. On her 96th birthday, Vogue magazine took a look at the Hollywood star’s beauty routine.

She did not expose herself to the sun

“Personally, I’m against deep tans, because I like to go blonde all over,” she says. Marlin Monroe, even if tanning was already, at the time, very fashionable in California. So, forget self-tanners and fake tanners.

She liked a very specific shade of blonde

If you ever wondered about hair color Marlin Monroe When asked when she went to the streamer, you probably wouldn’t guess it was a “white pillow.” According to the author Pamela QAnd the Marlin Monroe Her hair has been bleached every three weeks by a group of hairdressers including Pearl Porterfield (who also took care of blonde hair John Harlow) And the Kenneth Battle. To avoid over-washing it (which can affect the color), she swears by using a temporary dry shampoo that you put on every day to keep hair looking fresh.

I used a makeup artist’s trick to get plump lips

How to copy the signature with attractive and charming lips Marlin Monroe ? Grâce à une utilisation astucieuse de rouge à lèvres : son maquilleur appliquait jusqu’à cinq teintes de rouge différentes, plus foncés et plus charnus à l’extérieur, et plus clairs à l’ pour l’ionde de volumeerrieur, illust On the lips. A trick that many makeup artists still use today.

CIRCA 1953: Actress Marilyn Monroe poses for a photo circa 1953. (Michael Ochs Archive Photo/Getty Images)The Michael Oaks Archives/Getty Images

I know the importance of sleep

Marlin Monroe He can sleep up to ten hours a night in a large single bed. And Sunday? “It’s the only day I fully rest,” she said in an interview with the magazine. “Sometimes it takes two hours for me to wake up, enjoying every moment of sleepiness.” queen contest.

She always wears her signature perfume

Marlin Monroe She was notorious for not wearing clothes to sleep, noting that pajamas and “scary nightgowns” disturbed her sleep. On the other hand, she was putting in five drops of Chanel Number 5, a fragrance she would also add to ice baths. The Hollywood star said in an interview, “You know, they ask me questions. For example: What do I wear to sleep? So I said ‘Chanel No. 5’ because it’s the truth!”

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