Lena Situations caused a sensation at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

Lena Situations is above all a wonderful and famous woman with a huge following on social networks Today with more than 3 million followers on his Instagram account.

She fulfills her cherished dream from the side of the United States

Just a few weeks ago, lina cases He decided to fulfill his dearest dream, which is to live in the United States of America. This is how she settled in LA for a few months thinking it wasn’t surprises his fans For a long time. Because she always said that since his first flight. Actually you will only spend three Month to satisfy his personal desire.

The star knows how much her absence will hurt her fans. The reason why she asked her fans not to worry about it at all is because her stay in the United States will not last forever. It was written in black and white on his Instagram account. She just wanted to change the scene.

There is no wrong note in her appearance

In addition to being a consultant to Barbie brand And the The first French influencer To be invited to The famous Met GalaIt should be noted that Lena Situations is one of the French rising stars. However, not being able to miss Edition 75 for the Cannes Film Festival, The beautiful brunette is back in France where she fascinated almost all of her fans with her style.

In fact, she wore Beautiful dress that fits her perfectly. On the other hand, In addition to her beautiful dress, the young woman was highly acclaimed and congratulated by netizens for her natural loyalty. We also have positive feedback like : “Natural hair really is magic”, “Ice on buns”. You really have to admit that high rank uniformsLina’s cases Can’t go unnoticed in the public eye.

Elegant and elegant woman! Beauty looks in person!

Finally, the star expressed her feelings on Instagram, and also first of all thanked everyone who contributed by making it The most charming at the Cannes Film Festival of this edition. The fashion girl appeared in a long, tight black and white dress.

It was an outfit that totally flaunted her back, including her figure. This did not leave Internet users indifferent. Besides, the way she clearly expresses her level of pride is indescribable. In other words, a beautiful brunette is pleased with the fact that she is wearing it The dress made by @Stéphaneroland-paris Haute Couture Spring 2022, not neglecting @bvlgarie haute joaillerie for Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis as well as her luscious hairstyle created by @fentybeauty. She couldn’t believe her eyes! How wonderful to be honored for the first time on a carpet during the 75th celebration of this famous festival.

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