Kim Kardashian’s home secret to growing her hair faster

No more ineffective masks and hair care… Kourtney Kardashian has unveiled her sister Kim Kardashian’s beauty tip for adopting hair shine and length like no other: rice water. An easy and economical way that we reveal all the secrets.

I’ve always been so envious of thick, shiny hair Kim kardashian ? Good news, it is now possible to make it your own, thanks rice water. Brilliant technique, popularized by the interested main party sister, Courtney, on his personal blog “Poosh”. Which, inspired by traditional Japanese beauty tips, consists of washing your clothes Poetry With the water in which we washed or cooked our rice. Now it’s spread on social networks, especially Tik Tok, which has the hashtag #Ricewater recently, this is new capillary movement It now has 532.3 million views. What in turn makes us want to inspire us.

How does rice water shampoo work?

According to Travis Parker’s wife, the virtues of rice water over Poetry It can no longer be proven: Intense radiance, ten times longer growth, and improved volume… a lot of benefits, which cosmetic sciences magazine add strength detanglingExplaining at the same time the reason for its amazing results. In fact, in the study published by the media, it was revealed that its antioxidant effect is ultimately related to the virtues that rice provides, once it has been soaked in water. What Vitamin B, E, And The Minerals They Join, To Replenish hair fibersand delivers unprecedented benefits for almost all hair types! And for good reason, drying in some cases, this trick for curly hair is blocked. Therefore, it should be used with caution even if you want to adopt hair similar to the hair of the instigator!

How do you adopt rice water in your hair routine?

as a worthy sister Kim kardashian In the “recipe” you received at the end of the article, do it shampoo Rice water is children’s play.

To get started, the star of social networks begins by bringing:

  • from bowl
  • Handful of organic rice, rinsed before preparing the infusion.

Once the rice is clean, Kourtney Kardashian recommends pouring half a cup of water into the container over the item, letting it rest for about an hour. Once the time has elapsed, it is time to filter the rice to retain only the water, before pouring it over our hair during the massage. Then leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Your turn now!

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