In Costa Rica, the charming awakening of women to desire

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While the 75 has just endede From the Cannes Film Festival, the films presented there are released in July 2021 that hopefully, the passage of Croix will not go unnoticed. As such, it would be a pity to miss Clara Sola, the first feature film by Swedish-Costa Rican director Natalie Álvarez Messin, has been selected for two weeks by two directors, as its charisma operates from the first minutes and spreads throughout the duration of the film. That’s OK, because there’s a bit of magic and magic in this lost corner of Costa Rica where a woman keeps us in her power for over an hour and a half. Her name is Clara Sola (Wendy Chinchilla Araya).

Clara lives with nothing but animal and nature observation, with her mother Freesia, who takes care of her, and her niece Maria, a beautiful little girl in her teenage years.

The animal’s face, the look at the prowl, the hair in the brush, the body and mind slightly curved elsewhere, the lady, roughly forty, presents herself from the start as a rather strange creature, childish despite the obvious features, wonderful in what exudes elusiveness. Clara lives with nothing, except observing animals and nature, with her mother, Freesia (Flor Maria Vargas Chaves), who takes care of her, and her niece Maria, a beautiful of a burgeoning teenage girl (Ana Julia Porras Espinosa) whose presence has been radiating throughout the home. This one is ramshackle, made of odds and ends, but it’s nice to live there.

Around, homes are few but plants are plentiful, and occasionally visitors. Mostly, the sick, the sick looking for a cure. The reason for this is that the savage Clara has gifts. They have established, for a long time, her reputation as a philanthropist. It is even said that his breath and prayers to the Virgin overcame the cancers. As soon as she is asked, the young woman relieves illnesses, performs without enthusiasm or passion, but at the encouragement of her old mother, a fervent Catholic to give others the grace that God gave her daughter.

From the body to the sensual body

Clara, do not bother, prefers to talk to the horses, revive insects, satiate her body with the needs and desires that they show. Clara is not ashamed, does not bother with modesty, follows her instincts, yields to what makes her feel good, and gives herself pleasure. Especially in front of the series and she watches every day on TV, where a man and a woman sometimes kiss. So Clara cannot suppress the urge to foreplay, and abandons herself in full view of her niece. While she is a good guardian of religious morals and patriarchal faith, Freesia is terrified of this “vice” that she tries to prevent by forcing her daughter to dip her fingers in crushed pepper. without result.

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