I tested the most popular blower brush on TikTok, and here’s my review

The styling brush allows you to create a blowdry with a professional result at home. We tested the undisputed star of this typeRevlon blow brush.

Very popular on TikTok – the hashtag #revlonhairdryerbrush has over 287 million views on the Chinese social network -, Revlon blower brush Designed to dry, straighten and give hair volume in no time. On paper it sounds like a dream but is it worth its success? We tested it and that’s what we thought.

Find the Revlon styling brush at €62.99

Key Features of Revlon Blowing Brush:

  • Very easy to use template It is suitable for all hair types
  • An oval brush that allows you to get volume from the roots
  • Cold air mode to fix the hairstyle
  • Attractive prices and regular promotions

Weaknesses of Revlon Blower Brush:

  • Slightly heavy brush (pulls arms after brushing)
  • Only two options for heating temperature
  • Huge model (brush and handle are welded, which makes blowing brush more difficult to store)

Revlon blower brush, the preferred ally for professional drying at home

Perfect smoothing, consistent volume, consistent styling in ten minutes… The promises of a Revlon blower brush are numerous, and we know that the higher the expectations about a product, the higher the risk of disappointment. But fortunately for the brand, the excitement doesn’t fade like a soufflé, as her styling brush deserves more than being a star in the genre.

The big positive point of the Revlon blow-brush, in addition to its very attractive price, is that Works with all hair types, as smooth as the thickness, as smooth as textured. Thanks to its oval-shaped XXL brush, it allows you to lift the roots and twist the ends for a hairstyle with movement. It is also very effective in drying frizz before using a straightener if necessary.

It consists of ceramic heating pins to distribute heat evenly, as well as nylon and boar bristles to grip it – without snagging! – All hair and giving it the desired shape almost effortlessly. And this “almost” still matters: the brush weighs more than 800 grams. It is lower than other products of the same type, but you can feel it in your arms at the end of the design.

Madmoizelle’s Note for Revlon Blower Brush

Mademoiselle score: 16.5 / 20

  • Effect on hair: 5
  • Ergonomics (weight, handle, volume): 3
  • Technology: 3.5
  • Price: 5
Revlon brushing brush

Find the Revlon styling brush at €62.99

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